Apparently We Have Not Learnt What Cunnalingus Is Yet Bc The Orgasm Gap Is Still Alive And Well

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It’s no secret that we’re all a little pervy, and why wouldn’t we be? Knowing what goes on in other people’s bedrooms is like crack, we simply can’t get enough of it. Luckily for all of us fiends, the results of a new national sex survey are here to feed our nosiness. Local sex toy brand NORMAL has done the lord’s work and surveyed 1,000 people on their sexual habits and preferences.

Hold onto your strap-ons because it’s a juicy one. It’s time to find out who’s a real hornbag and who isn’t.

Before we dive in, it’s worth noting that when ‘male’ and ‘female’ are used, it refers to female-identifying and male-identifying respondents in terms of gender. NORMAL stated that it also plans to run a separate survey focussed on communities who identify with other genders.

How often are people boinking?

One of the most interesting findings, is that people are actually doing the devil’s dance way less often than we think. The majority of male-identifying and female-identifying Aussies said they have sex between once a month and a couple times a week – but everyone seemed to think that 2-3 times a week was the norm. If you’ve been having a dry streak and were under the impression that everyone was out getting theirs, let this news soothe your untouched soul.

Which state is horniest?

The kinkiest state turned out to be…. Western Australia, while the Northern Territory are all about that long distance loving. The generous people of Tasmania were most likely to kick things off with foreplay and give oral sex while Queensland are the biggest fans of going heels to Jesus with more than one person (11%).

The good folk of WA are most likely to give anal sex (23%) while Victoria has the highest rate of receiving it (18%).

sex survey

Who loves a dildo (and who doesn’t?)

There’s no denying that sex toys are well and truly mainstream now. The survey says the majority of Gen Z/millennial women and male baby boomers have already bought or used a sex toy. On the flip side, more than 59% of baby boomer women and 66% of senior women said they had no interest or were too embarrassed to use a sex toy.

Sex toy stigma is still pretty prevalent among men as well. 45% of baby boomers had no interest which jumped to 52% for Gen Z and 46% of millennial men.

1 in 4 women orgasm during sex alone, jumping to two-thirds for those using sex toys. Wildly, even just learning about sex toys is correlated with more orgasms. Probably because they teach us what our body actually does and doesn’t like.

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Who’s faking the big O?

This might shock the pants off you, but rates of orgasm faking are actually higher among young males than young females. 25% of millennial males fake their orgasms, while the rate rises to 27% for Gen X males and drops to 16% for Gen Z males. In comparison, 21% of millennial women fake theirs, dropping to 18% for Gen X and 14% for Gen Z.

Millennials are the most communicative about their needs, with millennial men (33%) actually communicating more than females (25%). Gen X males (25%) also communicate their needs more than their female counterparts (18%) while Gen Z females (18%) communicate more than men (16%).

As for the orgasm gap, it’s still alive and well but there is a sign of shrinkage. The smallest gap is for millennials with 49% of women saying they always or regularly orgasm compared to 77% of men. For boomers, it’s only 34% for women and 79% for men. Sexual dissatisfaction usually feeds back to the anxieties we feel about doing the horizontal dance. For women, their biggest concern is body image (31%) which makes it harder for them to enjoy sex. In the male camp (29%), it’s concerns over wanting to give their partners more pleasure that stops them from getting there.

sex survey

In a (not so hot) take, casual sex is twice as pleasurable for men as it is for women (66% versus 33%). The dating period however, is best for female orgasms, with 56% of women reaching climax. Oh, and if you’re wondering who the most sexually satisfied group is, its lesbians. Probably due to the fact that 100% of respondents reported prioritising their partners pleasure. Homosexual men are unfortunately the least satisfied group sexually.

The winner takes all award has to go to Tassie though, with the orgasm gap actually working in reverse over there. 64% of women reach orgasm over 50% of males. Look, maybe it has something to do with the fact that their big on foreplay and fun mouth stuff – just a thought.

Does sex education still suck?

In short, yep. We’ve known this is an issue for ages but unfortunately it’s still a big problem. In fact, a frightening number of Gen Z graduates (48% of males and 25% of females) say they didn’t receive sex education on how pregnancy occurs – big yikes.

Scarier still a mere 37% of men learned how to discuss consent with a partner, dropping to 34% for women. That means only 1 in 3 people know how to discuss and express consent with their sexual partners. 43% of women and 57% of women report not having received any information about the different types of contraception.

9 in 10 didn’t learn the difference between porn and real sex, with 0% of women and 10% of men learning about LGBT+ sex.

sex survey

The majority of young people are finding their information by self-educating, with the majority of women turning to internet research (51%), friends (41%), pop culture (36%), social media (34%) and partners (32%). The majority of men turn to their friends (25%), social media (23%), internet research (21%), partners (20%) and pornography (18%).

If you’re keen to feast your eyes on even more of the sex survey results, you can cop the whole thing here.