Apparently A Third Of All Aussie Workers Dislike Their Boss And Who, Me? Never

New national workplace data has revealed that one third of all Aussie workers “dislike” their bosses and we can file that under “tell me something I don’t know”.

The top reasons people have for not liking their managers, other than the fact that their boss holds the power to plunge them into poverty, are a lack of emotional intelligence, ineffective communication, micro-managing, a lack of willingness to adapt or work flexibly, doesn’t actively listen, and a lack of empathy about real life shit.

The survey conducted in October 2021 by the Australian College of Applied Professions found that Gen Z and Millennials are also way more likely (74 per cent) than Boomers (49 per cent) to say they don’t like their bosses. Men are also more likely to hold this view. 

Two in three Australian workers said they would avoid, take longer and/or put less effort into completing a task for a boss or colleague who was rude, demanding or didn’t show appreciation. It’s men who are also more likely to do this.

Apparently the saying, “people leave managers, not companies” is truer than ever.

Young people also have concerns about having to interact physically with their manager post-COVID

More than 83 per cent of the national workforce worked from home in some capacity during the pandemic, and 58 per cent of Gen Z workers who did said they were worried about returning to the workplace for this reason.  

Another thing people didn’t miss while working from home was office drama.

Half of all workers now feel their tolerance for rudeness and work drama has reduced compared to pre-COVID.

Despite how much Boomers love to complain about impolite youngins, only 21 per cent of workers thing manners are deteriorating, thank you very much.

And apparently people in SA and Vic are more polite at work than other in other parts of Australia. 

The survey concluded that a good boss shows respect, listens well, is flexible, shows empathy and has good teamwork skills.

If you can find me one, let me know!