The New ‘Australia Day’ Lamb Ad Is A Subtle Message To Change The Dang Date

It’s a beautiful thing about this country that we regularly have ads for meat. Just like… meat in general. From one specific animal. Yeah, we’re talking about lamb ads, which are as familiar and as part of the vague, broadcast television-provided cultural identity to Aussies as the windows in ‘Playschool‘.

Meat & Livestock Australia has launched another cracker, which may be its most political ad yet. For a start, despite very clearly being an Australia Day-themed ad, not once does it mention the day by name.

And secondly, it sends a very clear message of unity and acceptance for all people, regardless of race, religion, sexual identity, and where the bloody hell ya came from.

The ad opens with a lil’ BBQ on the beach, again riffing on the idea of Indigenous Australians being the first to the barbie as well as, y’know, the first inhabitants of this country. Everyone else very pointedly (and accurately) arrives by boat, including a boatload of refugees which would otherwise find themselves locked up in Dutton’s offshore detention hellholes. “Aren’t we all boat people?” someone asks. Yep.

It’s a bloody brilliant take in the lead-up to our nation’s highly controversial Australia Day celebrations. It’s not pointing the finger of racism at anyone celebrating January 26, but rather presenting a vision for what Australia Day moved to a different date could look like.

Cameos include Sam Kekovich, Olympian Cathy Freeman, former rugby player Wendell Sailor, Masterchef’s Poh Ling Yeow, cricket legend Adam Gilchrist and comedian Rhys Nicholson. Onya, mates.

Photo: ML&A.