Airport Workers Had A Cheeky BBQ On The Tarmac & Jet Fuel Can’t Melt These Snags

It seems like airlines have been criticised all year for having flights delayed, cancelled last minute, or — in Qantas’ case — never intended to fly at all. However one event that has never been documented before is the airport’s ground workers having a pre-flight BBQ… until now! Only in ‘Straya.

Kirra Colquhoun was about to catch a plane from Brisbane Airport when she spied something through the window of her flight’s gate, a pair of workers for Rex Airline having a bloody beauty of a barbie beside the runway.

Colquhoun filmed the staff’s silly sizzle session and uploaded the footage to her TikTok, cheekily accompanied by “The Aussie BBQ Song” by entertainer Frankie Davidson.

Captioned wittily with the question “Why’s the flight delayed?”, Colquhoun’s 11 second clip has gathered 1.3 million views and over 110K likes on TikTok in the week it was posted.

@kirra.colquhoun #fyp #aus ♬ Aussie Bbq Song – Frankie Davidson

It is assumed that Colquhoun’s comment was sarcastic, meant to poke fun of the fact that flights in Australia feel like they are always getting delayed without a substantial reason being provided.

So honestly, guessing that it’s because the workers are having a barbeque is better than nothing!

Rex Airlines is aware of the runway rotisserie, and thankfully have admitted it sees the video’s “humorous intent”, but did make some clarifications to explain its existence.

A spokesperson for the airline pointed out that “the individuals were on an rostered meal break at the time and no flights were affected as a result.”

Good bloody on ’em. If I was ever given the opportunity to whip out a fold out table and portable grill to get on the snags during a shift, and nobody gets hurt, I absolutely would. PEDESTRIAN.TV HR just try and stop me, I dare you.

So will there be any more cheeky barbie’s at the airport? If so, how much are they charging for a snag? And will it count towards my carry-on?

According to Rex’s spokesperson, it might be harder to spot them soon, as the airline confirmed they spoke to the contracted ground workers who have now “been advised of the need to find a suitable location for such events, lest they be misconstrued.”

PEDESTRIAN.TV reached out to Rex to ask if there will be any future BBQ events, or if they have considered adding the option to fire up a grill during a flight as a potential ticketing option.

Rex are yet to answer. We can only hope it was because it was busy at a barbeque.