Trump’s ‘Happy New Year’ Tweets Are Just As Shouty & Unhinged As You’d Expect

Donald Trump New Year's Tweets

2017 has marked the first year of Donald Trump‘s presidency, which has been marred with protests, controversy, knee-jerk decisions, gaffes and general unrest. Which, Trump seems to have missed, judging by his extremely cheery and more than a little smug New Year’s Eve tweets.

The 45th president of the United States and noted Twitter enthusiast took to social media to wish his followers good tidings with this little video montage.

It’s…fine. Very shouty and a bit too much of this: !!!!!, but it does its job, I guess.

However, Trump seems to have this compulsion where he can’t just send one tweet, and of course followed up his rather innocuous first post with a petty AF swipe at his haters and his faves, the FAKE NEWS media.

It’s all got an extremely Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty vibe to it, no?

can’t stop won’t stop

Still not done (and god we wish he would just step away from the keyboard), Trump finished up with even more yelling and exclamation marks.

Look mate, that all depends on your definition of “great”. But you know, whatever.

The good news is that it’s officially 2018 now which means it’s just TWO YEARS until the next US presidential election.

Oh Christ, that’s actually ages away and now I regret bringing it up.

Stay strong, people. Stay strong.