WATCH: Dramatic Trump Protester Goes Viral With Scream Of “NOOO!”

Footage of a protester in Washington D.C. has gone viral as balls, after cameras captured her dramatic scream of “NOOOO!” at the precise moment of Donald Trump‘s presidential inauguration. 
The footage shows a woman, later identified as Jessica Starr, sitting on the the ground as Trump takes the oath of office, then letting out a guttural scream when he is announced as president over the loudspeakers. 
The video of the seemingly-candid moment has been viewed more than two million times since Britain’s ITV News published it earlier today, tossing Starr directly into the great, gaping maw of the internet. 
She later told ITV News:

“I’m so sorry, I love people, this is not America, this is not what we want … There’s no way to even comprehend what this means. For me, this very moment, is like, within a cell, it’s like the dark and the light are so tight right now, in this moment, there’s so much potential for beauty and for devastation in this one moment, its almost incomprehensible that they can exist right now, so so close. I am so sorry to my world … This is not what we want…This is so alien…This is so false and broken.”

Source: NY Post.
Photo: Facebook.