Eminem Has Savaged His Trump-Supporting Fans With An Incendiary Freestyle

Eminem has chucked himself back into the spotlight with an incendiary BET Awards cypher, verbally ripping into U.S. President Donald Trump – and all of his own fans who choose to support the POTUS.

Touching on topics like Trump’s response to the Puerto Rico crisis, the white nationalism he has tacitly approved, and the decision not to discuss gun law reform in the immediate aftermath of the Las Vegas mass shooting, the rapper distilled a year’s worth of woeful leadership into three-and-a-half-minutes of ire.

After referencing Trump’s weird, pathological insistence on bashing NFL players for protesting against police brutality and racial inequality, the man born Marshall Mathers gave an ultimatum to his followers:

Any fan of mine who’s a supporter of his / I’m drawing in the sand a line / you’re either for or against.

And if you can’t decide / who you like more and you’re split / on who you should stand beside / I’ll do it for you with this: fuck you.

Seeing as the BET Awards and its cyphers are an annual focal point the American hip-hop landscape, and considering the relatively uncommon appearance of Eminem these days, you can only hope this one rattles around long enough for Trump himself to launch a Twitter-based rebuttal.