Clive Palmer’s Big Piss Billboards Are Copping A Very Deserved Facelift Across Australia RN

Though the official election campaign is yet to formally kick off – with the Morrison Government seemingly keen to run as close to full term as they possibly can – we’re all still absolutely drowning in political advertising at present. And that absolutely includes Clive Palmer and his shitty yellow United Australia Party billboards, the prevalence of which genuinely may be about to overtake COVID cases in some jurisdictions.

Through an unholy election ad spend – one which will outstrip that of the Liberal and Labor parties by millions of dollars – the very bad billboards have two chief purposes: attracting disaffected voters and giving everyone else the shits.

And while, ultimately, the end goal is any sort of attention they can get – good or bad – the messaging the billboards carry (which mainly revolves around “freedom” epithets) 10,000% deserves any kind of push back it can get.

Thankfully, a handful of folks around the traps have had the time, the inclination, and the yellow paint to scale the billboards and modify the messaging into something more on the level.

Scores of the piss yellow ads have been creatively defaced by folks across the country, taking existing slogans and morphing them in various ways.

The whole process is being documented on both Instagram and Twitter by the anonymous AdJackers account, where photos of various efforts are flooding in.

Sydney’s inner west appears to be a hot bed of activity, with the giant billboard floating above Parramatta Rd holy place Bead Shop the recipient of repeated attention.

Currently, that billboard – originally reading “SOLD OUT SOLD OUT SOLD OUT” – is sporting a somewhat more direct message: “Clive Palmer is Scomo’s sugar daddy.”

That follows on from another reimagining on the same billboard in early February, which flexed a little more creative muscle in order to get the point across.

The defaced billboards have not been merely confined to Bead Shop. Throughout the inner west – and beyond, across the country – the reaction to the UAP’s efforts has been fairly consistent.

Some have even taken the opportunity to morph the billboard – ostensibly for a Federal Election – into something a little more state-based instead.

‘Course, for every cleverly defaced billboard there’s arguably 20 or so that remain untouched. And their placement throughout regional areas in particular is a deliberate ploy aimed at attracting wantaway voters in order to gain the kind of favourable Government conditions that benefit Clive Palmer and not a lot of other people.

At the 2019 Federal Election, Palmer spent some $89 million on a similar ad campaign which ultimately resulted in 3.43% national vote in the lower house. Small, by most estimates, but theoretically enough to drive disaffected Labor voters into Liberal hands through preference deals; the resultant re-election of the Morrison Government leading to decidedly more pro-coal and pro-mining conditions for Palmer and his various interests.

Still, any resistance is good resistance.

Keep it up, comrades.