Clive Palmer Punching Bags Are Popping Up All Over Melb And Finally, Some Free Fkn Therapy

clive palmer punching bags

Punching bags made from the entrails of dead Clive Palmer ads are popping up all over Melbourne in what is for sure a highlight of this cursed election campaign.

Adjackers, a group that rightfully reckons those hideous yellow ads plaguing our cities and TV screens are a “stain” on society, shared pics of the punching bags online.

“PPBs give the public an opportunity to take out their frustration with this broken democracy where billionaires can brainwash and buy votes”, it wrote on Twitter last week.

It’s unclear if Adjackers are the ones who installed the punching bags, which are made from the “skins” of United Australia Party billboards. But whoever did, I hope you know you’re a national hero in my eyes.

Clive Palmer’s ridiculous United Party Australia ads have been the bane of most decent Aussies’ existence, glaring harshly at us from our screens or tainting our roads.

Before this genius idea of skinning and repurposing them (we love upcycling!!), people were defacing the billboards instead.

Oh, and fellow party member/the Tweedledum to Palmer’s Tweedledee Craig Kelly‘s posters weren’t safe either.

In case you aren’t across what a shitpile of a man Clive Palmer is, this rotten toad is an anti-vaxxer, nazi-sympathising fascist billionaire who made his fortune by destroying land via mining. Legit, he’s like a cartoon villain.

Hence why these punching bags are so great. If I have to suffer a mental health decline by existing in the same universe as this deflated hot air balloon, then I should at least have the opportunity to work out my frustrations by beating the absolute shit out of these glorious punching bags.

PBBs, when are you coming to Sydney?