Your Mistaken Meme God Clive Palmer Has Been Hit With Criminal Charges

Clive Palmer has been hit with criminal charges for in relation to the management of his Sunshine Coast resort following an investigation by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

The business watchdog charged him under the Corporations Act with aiding, abetting or counselling the commission of an offence by another person.

The company, Palmer Leisure Coolum Pty Ltd, has also been charged with proposing or making a bid then failing to make an offer within two months.

Palmer did not appear in court today, and will remain on bail. His lawyer Christopher Wilson told the court that they’ll argue for the charges to be thrown out when the matter goes to a hearing on June 13.

Palmer – a former federal MP and present day non-stop shit poster – has plans to bring back the Palmer United Party at the next federal election. It’s yet to be seen if criminal charges will affect this bid.