Happy Opposite Day! Clive Palmer Starts Legal Fund For Refugees In Detention

Look we’re not sure how or why this happened either, but bear with us. 
Enthusiast of strange video rants and dinosaur parks, Clive Palmer, has started a fund to aid the legal needs of asylum seekers who are currently detained on Nauru or Manus Island.
Is this a sentence you ever expected to read? Us neither, compadre. 
While Clive himself has made some surprisingly compassionate statements about asylum seekers in the past, we cannot ignore the fact that the man is 1) responsible for assisting the political career of chronic Islamophobe Jacqui Lambie, and 2) a previous attendee of BBQ’s held by the ‘I’m not racist’-yelling racists, the Patriots Defence League.
This is the media release that Clive posted to his official Facebook page, earlier today:

Media releaseClive Palmer Sets up Legal Fund for Abused RefugeesFederal leader of the Palmer United Party and Member…

Posted by Clive Palmer on Monday, 12 October 2015

This is us, reading said media release:
What’s next; a WOMAN becoming the Minister for Women?! (Oh fuck, wait. Never mind.) 
We’re speechless, but Twitter isn’t: 

So in conclusion, we all need a cuppa and a liedown after this announcement (Clive, especially), because apparently it’s opposite day and we just cannot with this nonsensical flip-floppin’. 
Oh #Auspol; shine on, you crazy diamond. 
via Facebook.
Image (before we fucked wit it): Stefan Postles via Getty.