Influencer Chloe Szep Says She’s ‘Not Anti Anything’ After Being Skewered For Not Wearing A Mask

Chloe Szepanowski
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Instagram influencer Chloe Szepanowski, who has been called out for following anti-vaccine pages and more recently, for flouting QLD’s laws by not wearing a mask to the shops, has taken to Instagram to post a lengthy defence. reported this week that Chloe and her husband Mitch Orval‘s followers absolutely blasted the couple when they trotted off to Big W to buy a potty for their son Arti, chattering away without masks on — while other shoppers, who happened to be following public health orders, had their faces covered.

Chloe Szepanowski
Chloe at Big W without a mask. Credit: YouTube

We know this because they cleverly posted the video to their YouTube channel, where most of the comments were understandably, pretty heated. One user said: “It’s disgusting seeing you and Chloe not wearing masks whilst out shopping” while another added: “If you don’t want your sister in quarantine, which we all get sucks, maybe wear a mask in public like everyone else in the background of that video!”

But it’s this one that sums up the entire thing, for me.

“How insensitive of you to criticize the entire health department during a time like this. they are working endlessly to keep our community safe yet you cant even do a simple thing like wear a mask in a public place, endangering the lives of others. do you think you’re better and above everyone else that you are exempt from wearing a mask? absolutely disgusting behavior from people who are supposed to be “influencers”.”

Following the backlash, Chloe, 22, took to Insta with a post insisting that despite openly following anti-vaccine pages and supporting anti-lockdown rallies, she’s not “anti anything”, saying:

“I stand by holistic healing & wellness as my foundation but that doesn’t mean I am anti anything else when required.”

She doubles down, claiming: “I am not anti or pro anything. I believe in choice. I believe in science, in complementary modalities & western medicine as it saves lives – they are supportive to each other.”

Cop the entire thing below.

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The post comes after legendary Instagram account Aussie Influencer Opinions rose from the dead to take aim at influencers sharing or following anti-vaccine, COVID-denying or anti-lockdown content.

Credit: @aussieinfluenceropinions / Instagram.

The account claimed that Chloe and Mitch have both been “bleeding followers” in recent weeks, with the anonymous person behind Aussie Influencer Opinions saying in her comeback post about Chloe Szepanowski: “Someone who is an ‘advocate’ for health and well-being” who supports the protests “doesn’t sit right with me at all.”

She also shared a screenshot of how Chloe’s followers have dropped off in recent weeks. Hmm, wonder why.

Credit: @aussieinfluenceropinions / Instagram

Chloe’s denial that she’s anti-anything is one thing, but let’s just see if she puts her money where her mouth is and actually stops doing dumb shit like breaking mask laws and supporting protests. Actions, words etc.

Abbie Chatfield, who commented on Chloe’s statement, summed it up best with this gloriously pass-agg remark:

“Amazing! So happy to hear that believe in science and community. Can’t wait to see your photo of you getting vaccinated. Thanks for being a part of the solution bestie. you can book through hot doc xx”

Hotly anticipating that pic.