Aussie Influencer Mia Plecic Has Been Roasted For Comparing Abortion Laws To Vaccine Mandates

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

The founder of haircare brand Slick Hair Company Mia Plecic has been called out on social media for comparing abortion laws to vaccine mandates.

On Sunday morning, Plecic posted an Instagram story in response to the overturning of the Roe V Wade law in America. For context, individual US states now have the power to ban abortion as a result of the Supreme Court’s decision.

Screenshot of an Instagram story from Aussie influencer @miaplecic, where she compares abortion laws to vaccine mandates
Aussie influencer Mia Plecic has been slammed for her Instagram story comparing abortion access to vaccine mandates (Photo: Instagram).

“Why is it ok to be pro choice about one human right but not the other?” Plecic said.

“The same people who are against freedom of choice with mandates are the same people who are screaming freedom of choice about abortions.

“It doesn’t work like that. Freedom of choice regardless of our narrative.”

Everyone’s favourite influencer tea-spill account Aussie Influencer Opinions then re-posted the story.

And here I was thinking “Sunday roast” was strictly a food-related term?

Screenshot from Instagram user @aussieinfluenceropinions, which is a screenshot from @miaplecic, where she compares abortion laws to vaccine mandates
Aussie Influencer Opinions reshared Pecic’s post (Photo: Instagram).

The account added the spicy caption: “Warning — Purchasing @slickhairco means you are supporting this.”

In the comments section of the re-share, Plecic proceeded to cop an absolute scorching by followers of Aussie Influencer Opinions.

Screenshot of comments from Instagram users left on a post from user @aussieinfluencer opinions
Commenters did not hold back on expressing their disappointment in Pecic’s comments (Photo: Instagram)

The most-liked comment on the post was by fellow influencer Chloe Grayling who firmly pushed back against the comparison Plecic made.

Screenshot of an Instagram comment from Aussie influencer Chloe Grayling, user @lovechloejane
Fellow Aussie influencer Chloe Grayling was particularly vocal (Photo: Instagram(

Aussie Influencer Opinions then shared a post highlighting the differences between abortion rights and vaccine mandates.

After, Plecic was approached for comment by journo Alex Turner-Cohen. Plecic uploaded the exchange to her Instagram story with the caption: “slow news day”.

Responding to Turner-Cohen, Plecic said she was “pro choice” and that “your body is your choice. Period.”

Screenshot of an Instagram story uploaded by Aussie influencer Mia Plecic, showing direct messages with journalist Alex Turner-Cohen
Plecic shared DMs between herself and journo Alex Turner-Cohen to her Instagram story (Photo: Instagram)

A few hours later, Plecic reposted a pro-choice story from Vogue Australia‘s Instagram account.

Screenshot of an Instagram story by Aussie influencer Mia Plecic, sharing a post originally posted by Vogue Australia showing women at a pro-abortion protest
Plecic shared a post from Vogue Australia to her Instagram story of a pro-abortion protest (Photo: Instagram(

In September last year, Plecic apologised for comments that “weren’t warranted” and were “inconsiderate and detrimental and harmful to [Australia’s] public health system.”

She said she wanted to find a “black market doctor” to sign her COVID-19 vaccination passport.

How good’s social media?! Lol.

I think that’s more than enough internet for today… I’m exhausted.