The United States Supreme Court has overturned the 1973 Roe v Wade law which legalised abortion across America. Individual states will now be allowed to ban abortion.

If you’re keen to show solidarity to our mates in the US, here’s where you can protest in Australia.

Here’s Where Roe v Wade Solidarity Protests Are Happening In Australia


The Central Coast’s protest is kicking off at 5.30pm on Thursday June 30 outside the Newcastle Museum.


Adelaide’s abortion rights solidarity protest kicks off at 5pm on Friday July 1 at Beehive Corner in Rundle Mall. Keep updated with the Facebook event page.


Friday July 1 at 5:30pm, meeting at King George Square. Fore more information, hit up the Facebook event page.


Central Queenslanders can protest in solidarity on Saturday July 2 from 10am in Rockhampton. The rally is set to meet at the Rocky Riverfront in the morning.


The Tassie protest is happening at 11am on Saturday July 2 in Hobart. The popular Salamanca Markets is currently the meeting point, but that may change. Keep up to date with the protest’s plan over on the Facebook event page.


Saturday July 2 at 12pm midday outside the State Library of Victoria. Speakers are yet to be announced, but you can find more information on the Facebook event page.


Saturday July 2 at 12pm midday meeting at the Crown Street Mall Ampitheatre. Register your attendance and get more information on the event page.


Saturday July 2 at 12pm midday, meeting at Garema Place. Speakers are to be announced but you can keep updated over on the protest’s event page.


Saturday July 2 at 1pm. Meet at the Sydney Town Hall for speakers and march in solidarity with abortion rights protesters in the United States. More information on the Facebook event page.


A second protest has been organised for Saturday July 2 at 1pm. The protest will meet in Murray St Mall on the corner of Forrest Place. Hit up the event page for more information.

Why Are People Protesting The U.S. Supreme Court?

After a 6-3 vote, the court decided the 1973 decision to introduce nationwide abortion access was incorrect. The court reasoned that the US Constitution doesn’t specifically mention abortion as per the ABC.

26 states are expected to immediately ban abortion across the south and mid-west of America. These include Texas, Ohio, Michigan, and Utah according to the Guttmacher Institute.

If someone living in America wants to terminate a pregnancy and lives in a state where the practice becomes illegal, they will either have to travel interstate or conduct a “self-managed abortion” by using medication or other means.

American progressives such as Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been quick to signal their opposition to the overturning of Roe v Wade by the Supreme Court.

“The right to our own bodies and the right to form our families, this is something that belongs to all of us and it does not belong to lawmakers,” Ocasio-Cortez said.


Multiple studies have shown that mortality rates would greatly increase if access to safe and legal abortion was outlawed. Pregnancy-related death would increase by 21%, according to research from the University of Colorado Boulder. For Black women, that number would rise to 33%.

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US President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi also added their condemnation to the overturning of Roe V Wade.

The court’s Roe v Wade decision goes against the consensus of the American people, 85 per cent of whom think abortion should be legal in some or all circumstances as per Vox.

This data is supported by polling from the Pew Research Center which concluded that 61 per cent of adults believe abortion should be “legal in all or most cases”, while only 37 per cent think it should be “illegal in all or most cases”.

The movement to ban safe access to abortion was spearheaded primarily by Republicans (America’s conservative party) and religious conservatives.

Mike Pence is the former Republican Vice President to Donald Trump and a staunch supporter of the so-called “pro-life” movement.

After Roe v Wade was overturned, Pence wrote in a tweet that “Today, Life Won.”

Planned Parenthood, America’s top abortion provider said it would continue to protest.

“We’re here with you — and we’ll never stop fighting for you,” it tweeted.

Image: Getty Images / Anna Moneymaker