Influencer Mia Plecic Apologises For Posting Content That’s ‘Harmful To Our Health System’

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Influencer Mia Plecic has apologised for sharing her “political view” on Instagram, while also flagging legal action against people “bullying” her. While she doesn’t specify exactly what views she’s apologising for sharing, the Melbourne-based influencer has shared seemingly anti-lockdown views in the past. Screenshots allegedly from her account that appear to show Mia claiming she’ll find a “black market doctor” to sign a COVID passport have also been circulating on social media for weeks. Is it a mess? Absolutely! Let’s dive in.

“I wanted to quickly come on here and clear a few things up,” she began in her apology video, posted to her Instagram Stories. “Some allegations were made towards me and my company and I thought it was best to address those publicly.”

Mia is the founder and CEO of Slick Hair Company, which is stocked in Coles Supermarkets and was recently honoured by Forbes.

She went on to recount how several months ago, she shared her “view and opinion about everything that’s happening in the world” on her Instagram.

She says that “in doing that, I realise that I have hurt, harmed and upset a lot of people with my political view.”

Although she does not go into detail about what those views were, it’s worth noting that Mia has been called out for making several controversial posts, including the following which some have viewed as being supportive of anti-lockdown protests.

“What the media won’t show you,” she wrote on Instagram, according to a screenshot. “30k+ Victorians protesting for their rights for freedom.”

As pointed out by Aussie Influencer Opinions, back in June, Mia also allegedly told her followers that she plans on paying “a black market doctor to sign my ‘COVID passport’.”

“IGAF. I’ll go as far as I need,” she appeared to write. “Nobody will bribe me to jab poison in my body in order to be free.”

However, Mia appears to have changed her tune – at least, in sharing her views publicly. In continuing her apology video, she said: “I have spent a lot of time since then reflecting on what I said and I am very remorseful about the content that I have put out there. I have educated myself a lot on everything and my opinions have definitely changed, so I want to apologise to anyone who was offended by my content and my opinion.”

She goes on to say that she realises “how loud and influential my voice actually is,” and insists that she will edit what she “chooses to discuss on my social media.”

“I have learnt my lesson, I apologise and I definitely regret what I discussed on this platform,” she said.

However, she says that there have been a lot of “false allegations made about myself in the last few of days.”

And although she is apologetic, she says she does not “condone bullying and online harassment and I will stand very loud and proud about the false allegations made about myself.”

So what “false allegations” is Mia referring to? Again, we can’t be 100% sure, but those COVID passport screenshots seem somewhat likely.

Mia’s Instagram Stories continued with, “[My] opinions weren’t warranted and they were inconsiderate and detrimental and harmful to our public health system.”

She concludes by saying that she plans on taking a break from social media to deal with things that are happening “behind-the-scenes.”