Someone In Cardi B’s Concert Crowd Reported Her To Police For Battery After Microphone Incident

Cardi B throwing microphone

Cardi B is caught up in an alleged battery case after she chucked a microphone at a dickhead in the crowd of her recent Las Vegas concert.

The Las Vegas Metro Department confirmed it had opened up an investigation into an alleged battery after a woman reported the altercation a day after the concert.

“On July 30, 2023, an individual came into an LVMPD police station to report a battery,” the police statement read, per Variety.

“According to the victim, she was attending an event on July 29, 2023, at a property located in the 3500 block of Las Vegas Boulevard. During a concert, she was struck by an item that was thrown from the stage.”

No arrests or citations have been issued, and it’s also unclear if the person who made the report to police is the same person who was the target of Cardi’s ire during the incident.

ICYMI, Cardi B was performing during an outdoor concert in Las Vegas on Saturday when a concert-goer in the crowd chucked the contents of what appeared to be a cup of beer at her and gave her a soaking.

In a (surprisingly swift) retaliation, Cardi spun around and lobbed her microphone at the assailant before telling her TF off.

The whole interaction led to anger on social media on Cardi B’s behalf, which is unsurprising given the absolutely feral behaviour we’ve seen directed at female stars in recent weeks.

Just weeks ago, Bebe Rexha was injured in New York during a performance after a fan threw a phone at her. It hit her in the eye, and the show had to be cancelled. She ended up needing three stitches.

Her assailant was charged with assault, aggravated harassment, attempted assault and harassment.

He said he chucked the phone at her because he thought hitting her would be “funny”.

Days after, Ava Max was slapped in the face by a male fan while onstage, so hard that she sustained an eye injury.

Kelsea Ballerini also had to halt a concert after a fan pegged an item that hit her in the face. All these incidents happened within a week or so of each other.

In July, Adele warned fans not to try this shit with her and brandished a t-shirt gun at them.

And now Cardi B is potentially in shit because she retaliated to more stage-throwing theatrics.

What we really need to see is a shift in the conversation around why people feel so emboldened to behave like this in the first place — especially in regards to female artists specifically, who seem to cop it the most.

The undertones of dehumanisation and misogyny are concerning, and honestly — I can’t blame an artist for retaliating.