Bill Shorten Dropped A Reference To Squid Game Today So I Guess The Mid-Life Crisis Is Ongoing

bill shorten making a squid game reference

King of zingers, Bill Shorten, has dropped a reference to Squid Game in a video discussing climate change tensions. Someone PLEASE tell me who the intern behind these constant ~youthful~ references is, I just wanna talk.

In a video uploaded to Twitter this morning, Shorten criticised the debate/stalemate between the Liberals and Nationals over net zero emissions, and for some reason he thinks this has something to do with Squid Game.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a plan to adopt a net zero by 2050 target ahead of a climate summit in Glasgow later this month (which some might argue he was shaded into attending by British royalty). Of course, the plan is yet to be backed by the Nationals, who can’t agree on anything except maybe racism.

“At the moment, you’d have to draw the conclusion that the coalition between the Nats and the Liberals is a very unhappy marriage,” Bill Shorten said in a video he uploaded to Twitter.

“It’s become like the Squid Games of Australian politics, except without the nice tracksuits.”

Um, what?

Firstly, all I can think about is this gif:

Secondly, what has this “unhappy marriage” got to do with Squid Game?? Does he think the show is just about random squabbling??

I wish this was some cosmic joke in the simulation, but it is real, and not only did he make this comment once, but he did it *again* in a seperate instance.

Sky News reported that Shorten told them: “Now I am watching the Liberal Party and the National Party act like an episode of contestants of the Squid Game. It’s remarkable.” Yes Bill, show them how cool and hip you are!! One laugh = one vote.

Either Shorten hasn’t actually watched Squid Game, or he has and just didn’t understand it, and I’m not sure which one makes this reference worse.

Alas, it seems that this is going to be a consistent part of his personal rebrand. Since, you know, he’s previously also said “simp” and “noob“.

At this point I’m whipping out the spray bottle. Bad Bill! Naughty Bill! No more attempts at being down with the cool kids!

But hey, at least he hasn’t discovered “yeet”.