Australia’s Prime Flogster and own VIP Scott Morrison has shared his take on Netflix’s Squid Game and of course, he found a way to mention his daughters in it.

Speaking to Fifi, Fev and Nick on Fox FM this morning, Morrison was asked about the stupidly popular and violent South Korean drama, which we here at PEDESTRIAN.TV can’t stop inking over.

After Labor MP Bill Shorten compared it to Australian politics, Morrison admitted that he watched it, presumably spoke with Jenny, and said, “I won’t be letting my daughters watch it, I can assure you of that!”

“I watched it in my last quarantine, it was my third quarantine,” he told the radio station.

“No, it’s thankfully not like Australian politics, I must admit it was a bit confronting. I won’t be letting my daughters watch it, I can assure you of that!

“It was novel, it certainly broke the mundanity of quarantine.”

I wonder if the show’s depiction of people in disadvantaged positions and Ali, a literal migrant worker, did anything to give him a change of heart towards the poor, refugees, and people who come here seeking asylum? Probs not, eh?

In true complete savagery, the radio station also edited Scott Morrison’s face on Player 001, AKA Il Oh-nam, AKA the mastermind who manipulated everyone into thinking he was a sweet old man but actually a rich turd who created these bloodthirsty life-or-death games all because he was bored.

scott morrison squid game
Scott Morrison voice: murderous games for cash, how good’s that?

The implications this image has… just like over half of the contestants after the first game, I am deceased.

Earlier this week, Shorten, King of Zingers and absurdly youthful references, called out the rift between the National Party and Liberal Party in committing to a net zero by 2050 target, likening it to, uh, Squid Game.

“At the moment, you’d have to draw the conclusion that the coalition between the Nats and the Liberals is a very unhappy marriage,” he said in a video he uploaded to Twitter.

“It’s become like the Squid Games of Australian politics, except without the nice tracksuits.”

Haha, what? Bestie, have you seen the show?

According to Sky News, Shorten clarified: “Now I am watching the Liberal Party and the National Party act like an episode of contestants of the Squid Game. It’s remarkable.”

This is actually more confusing. In this analogy, if Scott Morrison and the Nationals are the players, then who’s the Frontman and VIP pulling the strings and organising the games? I guess, again, Morrison is Player 001 but still???

Irrespective of any of this, however, you just know Kevin ‘Player 007’ Rudd would smack these bitches asses in Squid Game handball.

Anyway, can politicians stop trying to be cool and hip and focus on actual political issues like committing to a proper net zero target before the COP26 instead of name-dropping Netflix series, thanks. Stick to your Kitchen Cabinet with Annabel Crabb.