Beau Lamarre-Condon Allegedly Bought Angle Grinder, Padlocks & Weights Days After Alleged Murders

CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses allegations of domestic violence.

The search for the bodies of missing Sydney couple Luke Davies and Jesse Baird continues into its second week, with police revealing Beau Lamarre-Condon, the NSW Police officer who is accused of murdering them, allegedly bought an angle grinder and weights.

NSW Deputy Police Commissioner David Hudson addressed reporters in a press conference on Monday, in which he said Lamarre-Condon had taken legal counsel and is not assisting police with the investigation.

However, the timeline of Lamarre-Condon’s alleged movements after the deaths of Davies and Baird is still being pieced together, with police revealing claims that texts sent from Jesse’s phone were sent by someone else.

“With the information known at that stage, with the information that we would suggest [the messages] had been sent from Jesse’s phone to acquaintances, we believe the messages were sent [not by Jesse] about his potential move to WA and selling [the] property,” Deputy Commissioner Hudson said.

He also revealed that Baird and Davies may have tried to call for help before they were allegedly killed.

“I can indicate on Monday, four minutes after the first shots were fired, there was a Triple Zero call made from Jesse’s phone, however it disconnected,” he said.

Beau Lamarre-Condon was on-duty when the alleged murders occured. Image: Facebook.

Davies, 29, and Baird, 26, were reported missing on Tuesday after their families could not contact them and they did not show up for work. On Wednesday, police found bloody clothing and items in a skip bin in Cronulla belonging to Sydney couple. On the same day, police entered Baird’s Paddington home where they found “significant” amounts of blood.

Lamarre-Condon handed himself in to police on Friday, after which he was charged with two counts of murder.

Police allege that two days after Lamarre-Condon allegedly murdered Davies and Baird, he enlisted a friend to transport their bodies to a Bungonia property.

It’s alleged that the friend — who police believe had no idea about the alleged murders — helped Lamarre buy an angle grinder and padlocks, before waiting in the car as Lamarre allegedly broke into the property.

Lamarre then allegedly disappeared for 30 minutes, returned and used the new padlocks to lock it up again.

Police allege that after driving back to Sydney, Lamarre bought weights from a department store. His van was later spotted back at the Bungonia property.

Police divers are now searching dams near the Bungonia property, and combing the surrounding area for Davies and Baird’s bodies.

Witnesses share disturbing details about Lamarre-Condon and Baird’s relationship

Deputy Commissioner Hudson revealed in the press conference that Jesse Baird spoke of a “man in his room” before he was allegedly murdered, according to witnesses.

“Witnesses told police of a relationship which ended at the end of last year, it didn’t end well, and we believe that [they] had attended Jesse’s home address,” he said.

“We believe that he had utilised a key to enter those premises. We believe he took possession of Jesse’s phone and deleted contacts and messages out of that phone before leaving the premises.”

The incident was not reported to police at the time. However, In August 2022, Baird reported a break-in at his home to Bondi Junction police station. It’s unclear whether these incidents are related, but Hudson said police would look into it.

Jesse Baird (left) and Luke Davies (right) were allegedly murdered by NSW youth engagement officer Beau Lamarre-Condon. Their bodies are yet to be recovered. Image: Instagram.

Hudson also revealed allegations that Lamarre-Condon may have withheld the fact that he was a cop from his friends and relationships.

“My understanding is that the accused was not totally forthcoming about his employment with his acquaintances. There are many people that we have spoken to who were unaware that he’s a police officer,” he said.

Baird and Lamarre-Condon were in an on-again-off-again relationship that ended last year, according to police.

Baird then began dating Davies, and the two had only recently begun posting photos together on social media when Lamarre-Condon allegedly murdered them.

Police allege the incident was domestic violence related, and not a hate crime.

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