Police Officer Beau Lamarre Charged With Murder Over Disappearance Of Jesse Baird & Luke Davies

CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses content that may be distressing to some readers.

Beau Lamarre, a 28-year-old police officer, has been charged with two counts of murder over the disappearance of missing Sydney men Jesse Baird and Luke Davies.

Lamarre presented himself to NSW Police on Friday morning, after which he was arrested and taken in for questioning at Waverley Police station.

Police believe Baird and Davies are dead, and allege their bodies were moved with a white van, which was found this morning and seized by police. Their bodies have not been located.

“We believe that the fate of both Luke and Jesse was at the house of Paddington and at some stage, the white van was used to transport their bodies to another location,” Detective Superintendent Daniel Doherty told reporters in a press conference.

“We allege the 28-year-old male is solely responsible.

“Police also located a projectile at the [Paddington] premises, which had been discharged and also a cartridge case.”

Luke Davies (left) and his boyfriend Jesse Baird (right) vanished from Baird’s Paddington home on Monday.

Doherty said the alleged murder is believed to have happened some time in the day on Monday, and then the bodies were allegedly transported in the evening.

“We know that [the van] was hired from an address in Mascot at about 9.30pm on Monday night and then located by police today,” he said.

“We will allege in court that van was used to transport the bodies, and to dispose of the bodies.”

Despite reports to the contrary, Doherty said Lamarre was not on sick leave on Monday. He was on duty.

Doherty confirmed that the firearm found matches up with NSW Police firearms. However, police need to find the bodies of Baird and Davies before a cause of death can be confirmed.

Police are still establishing the timeline of Lamarre’s alleged movements, but have confirmed that a crime scene in Newcastle is linked to the disappearance of Baird and Davies.

Beau Lamarre will be formally refused bail by police and is expected to face court either today.

Police are urging anyone who has any information about the white van, which has the registration CW82PM, to come forward.