Pour One Out For This Aussie Swiftie Who Accidentally Spent $10k On Eras Tour Tickets

Australian Taylor Swift fan Georgia Rose explaining via TikTok how she accidentally spent $10,000 on Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets

It’s been a bit of a hectic week for Taylor Swift fans, no? Being forced to ‘line up’ for the fickle mistress that is Ticketek, only to learn that the queue for Eras Tour tickets doesn’t operate in numerical order. Getting stuck in the Ticketek lounge for hours which, sadly, isn’t a lush room filled with velvet couches, soothing whale music and sandalwood candles. Having to compete with hundreds of thousands of excited Swifties across the country. Not fun!

Well, one lucky Australian Swiftie defied the odds and copped tickets — except she accidentally spent $10,000 on them. When I tell you my throat dropped into my stomach and hasn’t made its way back to its rightful place.

TikToker Georgia Rose (@__georose) lived to tell the tale and for that, we thank her.

“Yes, I accidentally spent $10,000 on Taylor Swift tickets because I am a moron,” she said. A stunning and brave admission.

“So, my younger sister and I are huge Swifties. I was kind of going back and forth for a while about spending $900 or $1200 on a concert ticket,” Rose continued.

“In the end I was like, ‘I was there for debut’ so it was really a no brainer for me.”

The sisters decided to cop the It’s Been A Long Time Coming Package via the AMEX VIP pre-sale, which ran on Monday. However, the site crashed half an hour before Eras Tour tickets went on sale because hoards of Swifties across the nation were waiting to get in. They really said “LET ME IN!!!!” à la Eric Andre.

So, understandably, Rose was a bit frazzled.

“I was very stressed, literally shaking at this point, full drama queen vibes. I had four windows open, I was not expecting to get tickets in any of them,” she said.

“It hits 10am, nothing’s happening, it was literally just that cursed Ticketek lounge ticking over and over and over [then] 10.04am comes around and tickets ended up showing up in all of them. So I was assessing my tickets and the Ticketek timer is counting down. It gets to two minutes, I’m like, ‘ok, I’m gonna go with those tickets’ [and] crossed out of all the other windows.

“At this point I’m not signed into Ticketek, I’ve crossed out of all the windows that I don’t want the tickets from. We were only going for two tickets and that’s what I thought I had in my cart. So I go through the next steps, write in the CCV number and then click check out.”

This is where things took a turn for the worst, dear reader.

“And as the wheel is spinning to process the order I look in the background and it says $10,000. I froze. My heart literally stopped,” Rose said.

“Next minute I’m hyperventilating, literally sobbing. My dad messages me and says ‘hey, did you get in through the lounge? Someone charged $10,000 to Ticketek on the AMEX account.’”

I wasn’t even there and I’m hyperventilating. As someone who has accidentally charged an online purchase to her mum’s card (admittedly, it wasn’t for tens of thousands of dollars and was, like, $300), I know how bloody terrifying that panic is.

The story ends well, however, because Rose’s dad was an absolute fucking trooper about the whole thing. He said they’d find folks to sell the Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets to, and Rose mentioned she’d already received a few enquiries from mates.

If you missed out on T-Swift tickets, it may not be over just yet ‘cos Ticketek will be launching its official resale site in September.

Note that Ticketek is the only authorised reseller of Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets in Australia. While there are some third-party ticket resale sites, they all come with their own words of caution, y’know.

Godspeed, Swifties. I am not one of you but I am thinking of you all in this truly trying time.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Georgia Rose for comment.

Image credit: TikTok / @__georose