Miley Cyrus Covered Gimme More By Britney Spears & All My Childhood Dreams Just Came True

Miley Cyrus performed a cover of ‘Gimme More’ by Britney Spears in her backyard for a special MTV Unplugged series, and it was in-fucking-credible.

In the clip, the Hannah Montana star transforms Britney Spears’ sexy pop anthem into a dark and haunting ballad. Ugh, it’s sublime.

The cover showcases Cyrus’ exceptional range as an artist and performer, and it’s amazing how far she’s come since her Hannah Montana days.

Anyone who can successfully conquer the range in ‘Party in the USA’, ‘Wrecking Ball’ and ‘Malibu’ deserves a bloody medal. Even ‘Hoedown Throwdown’ was an incredible feat for the singer.

In the video clip, Cyrus wears head to toe Zebra print which perfectly matches her blonde mullet that would honestly give any Aussie tradie a run for their money.

Fuck it, she even rocks the mullet better than her own father Billy Ray Cyrus.

As part of the MTV Unplugged series, the star performed a half-hour set from her backyard. Aside from ‘Gimme More’, Cyrus also performed a cover of Nico‘s 1967 track ‘These Days’, followed by a cover by Pearl Jam‘s ‘Just Breathe’.

Later on, Noah Cyrus joined her sister on stage for a performance of ‘I Got So High I Saw Jesus’ and let me tell you the harmonies were just *chef’s kiss*.

But where on earth was my favourite Cyrus, Trace Cyrus? And why didn’t they perform a rendition of ‘Shake It’ by Metro Station?

Finally, Cyrus closed out the Backyard Sessions with a performance of her latest hit ‘Midnight Sky.’

Miley you really do be giving us the best of both worlds these days, and we love to see it.