It’s been a while since Miley Cyrus has been embroiled in a controversy, aside from that whole cake debacle, and as they say, when it rains, it pours.

The singer recently dropped the music video for her new single ‘Mother Daughter’ and while, at face value, it might seem perfectly harmless (aside from her knocking off Britney Spears’ ‘Oops!… I Did It Again’ lewk), punters have found a couple of problematic aspects within the vid.

An influencer named Pamela Umeh from Ireland went on a Twitter rant about model / actress Angelina Duplisea’s inclusion in the video, accusing Cyrus of promoting obesity.

“Don’t care how I’m viewed but someone has to say it,” she began. “This is not healthy, this is obesity that leads to health problems and shouldn’t be praised or accepted because society has become so sensitive to everything.”

The influencer’s post was immediately met with criticism from her followers, however, who slammed her for being fatphobic.

 “It’s not about her health. We aren’t trying to say this is healthy. It’s about not having unwarranted opinions on her SIZE, it’s not needed,” one fan responded.

“We’re not celebrating obesity, we want women to be comfortable showing their bodies no matter where they are in their body journey.”

Another tweeted: “So basically big people can’t have photo shoots or apparently upload dope pictures because it somehow ‘praises’ obesity.

“Not once did she mention her weight should be praised but that’s what you got from her uploading a picture of herself? Got it.”

And that’s not the only scandal surrounding the vid.

Miley took to Instagram to share one of the slogans that can be seen in the clip that reads, ‘Virginity is a social construct.’

Punters have accused the singer of being socially irresponsible by painting sexuality in such a light-hearted manner,

“Miley, you are too smart for putting out something as dumb. You have a responsibility toward the youth of today, for god’s sake,” one fan wrote.

“Honestly, you shouldn’t be posting stuff like that,” another wrote. “You should respect people’s choices and respect the fact that you have young audience too. It’s not okay to shame people that choose to stay virgin or anything like that!”

Despite all the controversy surrounding her ‘Mother Daughter’ video, it’s still live on YouTube.

Have a geeze of it below if ya like:

Image: YouTube