New Unseen Footage From Harry Styles’ X Factor Audition Have Revealed Some V Spicy Details

Harry Styles And Simon Cowell On X Factor

A brand-spanking new extended cut of Harry StylesX Factor UK audition has just been released and turns out our boy sung not one, but two songs?! Just when we think we know the whole story, we’ve missed an entire juicy chapter.

In the updated audition edit that just dropped on X Factor UK‘s YouTube, Harry chats to judge Simon Cowell in great detail about his job at the bakery.

He also sings “Hey Soul Sister” by Train. If we’re being totally honest here, his rendition wasn’t the best. Don’t @ me. You Harry Styles all know deep down it’s true.

After watching the unseen X Factor UK Harry Styles Audition footage, it’s safe to say we’ve all got some thoughts.

Firstly, let’s chat about the fact that Harry only sang Stevie Wonder‘s “Isn’t She Lovely” a cappella after the judges paused his first audition song mid-track. Wild scenes.

It might’ve been the pressure of the cameras or some funky microphone or earplug fuckery but Harry deffo wasn’t in tune with the instrumental.

It’s nuts to think that Harry wasn’t always the live performance pro he is now at age 28.

The second big takeaway from this unseen audition footage is definitely how charismatic Harry was in his chat with Simon.

Even when having a back and forth about pastries and bread, our boy was able to squeeze out a bunch of laughs from the studio audience.

Thanks to this new audition footage I now know the official names for millionaire shortbread, Viennese fancies and white Coburg bread. However, judging from Harry’s views on white Coburg, I doubt I’ll be picking some up from my local baker any time soon.

This vibey chat 100 per cent would’ve played into Simon and Nicole Scherzinger‘s decision to chuck him in the boy band that would eventually be known as One Direction. If you haven’t seen the recently released footage of the selection process, you can do so here.

As Simon said, Harry’s voice just needed some vocal coaching but his charisma was already at an A-grade level.

You can’t teach charisma, no matter what any meathead selling their 10-steps-to-success e-book tells you.