Harry Styles & Lizzo Sang ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ At Coachella So I’m Crying About 1D Again

Harry Styles brought Lizzo on stage at Coachella and they performed “What Makes You Beautiful”. This is it guys. I can die happy. When (not if) One Direction gets back together I need Lizzo to be a permanent member.

For the first weekend of Coachella, Harry Styles brought out Shania Twain. The pair performed “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” to the delight of girls, gays and cowboys across the world.

It’s pretty hard to top Ms Twain. But by God, Harry did it.

During his set, Gloria Gaynor’s absolute anthem “I Will Survive” started playing. And who should emerge onto the stage in a pink costume which matched Harry’s? Fkn Lizzo.

Take a look at this video from the performance. It is simply magical.


Harry Styles bopping around the stage like a stoned flamingo? Lizzo’s vocals? The fact they’re in matching pink feather coats?

I have never wanted to teleport more than I do right now.

But the music magic didn’t stop after “I Will Survive”. No, no.

Lizzo and Harry Styles did something seemingly designed to break any fellow Known Directioners to absolute pieces. They bloody well performed “What Makes You Beautiful”.

Look at this video of them jumping around the stage together. It’s sheer perfection.


I am politely asking where I can get a pair of Lizzo’s pink trousers.


After the set, Lizzo posted a fkn adorable piccy of the two of them on Insta.

“Proud of you,” she captioned the pic.

“Thank you for having me.”

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Maybe this means we’ll get a Lizzo feature on the forthcoming Harry’s House album.

I’ve been politely requesting it since Harry’s legendary cover of Lizzo’s “Juice” back in 2019. Is an official collab too much to ask for?

TBH I just want to see the music video outfits the two of them would rock.