Harry Styles Makes Surprise Appearance At Lizzo Concert To Perform Guest Vocals In ‘Juice’

lizzo harry styles

In news that is sure to improve your Friday afternoon tenfold, Harry Fucking Styles has joined Lizzo on stage at the SiriusXM event in Miami.

Huge, I know.

Joining her on stage for a serious boogie, Harry helped her perform her hit track Juice. 

I’m not quite sure how they managed to make this song even more of a certified bop, but Harry’s dancing has absolutely sent me.

[jwplayer Wuw8HwZt]

Wearing an incredibly grandpa-esque sweater vest and an untucked shirt, Harry Styles busted a move alongside Lizzo in her glorious denim hot pants.

The sass! The sweater vest! The dancing!

I know I’m about ten years too late, but Harry Styles is snazzy as FUCK and I am a huge fan.

Clearly, I wasn’t the only person who was entirely obsessed with this power combo. Fans on Twitter lost their fucking minds, and rightfully so.




We are simply unworthy of this but holy shit, I would sell a kidney for an official Lizzo and Harry Styles collaboration.

Happy Friday to Lizzo and Harry Styles only.