Lizzo, Harry Styles & A Glass Of Tequila Created The Most Chaotic BRIT Awards Interview

New favourite duo (and secretly my OTP of 2020) Lizzo and Harry Styles absolutely owned the show at the BRIT Awards this year, producing what’s probably the most chaotic segment of the entire event. I mean putting those two together with Jack Whitehall in a chat-to-the-crowd piece is a foolproof recipe for quality TV, if you ask me.

So while Jack was fulfilling his hosting duties for the BRITs, he went down to visit Lizzo and Harold – who were seated on neighbouring tables – and things unravelled quite quickly and beautifully.

In the short four-ish minutes of sitting at their tables, we get blessed with Lizzo smooching Harry’s hand and letting him nestle into her bosom (making Jack and literally everyone else jealous), Lizzo getting lost in Jack’s eyes and completely missing a question (don’t blame you there), entrancing Jack with a short and stunning flute solo, Harry Styles in a canary yellow suit with a bright purple sheer silk scarf, Lizzo getting jealous of Jack and Harry chatting together without her, and quite possibly the most chaotic 30 seconds of television programming of the year. Yes, I’m calling it.

It’s all just too much, I feel like I need to go and lie down in a darkened room for a while and just process how much I want Lizzo and Harry (and now Jack, I guess) to all be a cheeky little trio of rascals who turn up to major events and just go bonkers on the free booze.

Watch on in all its glory below, including Lizzo necking an entire wine glass of straight tequila on ice, and join me in wishing you were sitting on the other side of the table because Christ almighty that would have turned into a hell of a party after the cameras left, I reckon.