Melb IMAX Is Showing The 1D Film So You Can Relive Yr Fond Memories After Liam Torched Them

One Direction girlies go spritz yourself with an old bottle of Our Moment perfume and dig out your homemade “Vas Happenin?” t-shirts because IMAX Melbourne is screening This Is Us for One Direction Day. I personally think it’s reprehensible that One Direction Day isn’t a national holiday — Anthony Albanese, step it up son.

One Direction Day is famously on July 23. It commemorates the day Simon Cowell (or was it Nicole Scherzinger?) united Niall HoranHarry StylesLouis TomlinsonZayn Malik and Liam Payne during the X-Factor bootcamp round.

Is it weird that I just got little tingles while typing that?

This year marks the 12 year anniversary of the band’s formation, a fact which truly hits like a punch to the solar plexus.

Luckily IMAX Melbourne has done the Lord’s work for this year’s One Direction Day. It’ll be screening the iconic tour film One Direction: This Is Us on July 23 at 6.45pm.

And if you live in Sydney and can’t fly down to Melbs for the occasion, come to my house and we can watch it on DVD.

Luckily this year’s One Direction Day is on a Saturday. When This Is Us originally rolled around in 2013 I was 15 and therefore hyped up on Coke Zero and Coke Zero alone. This year you best believe I’ll be sobbing along with the world’s largest glass of wine firmly clutched in hand.

In case you missed it the first time round, This Is Us was mostly shot in 2012 in London’s O2 arena, though it also followed the One Direction boys to the US and Japan.

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There’s also scenes where all the One Direction boys go back to their home towns. One of the highlights (in my humble opinion) is seeing Harry Styles return to the bakery where he worked as a teenager.

It’s all very endearing and bound to make you cry while listening to “As It Was”. And oh, to eat one of Harry Styles’ tenderly handcrafted buns.

After all the drama rustled up by bearded shitstirrer Liam Payne, it’s nice to go back to the days where the boys just seemed like a group of besties taking on the world. BRB, going to go put on “History” and cry quietly for half an hour.

You’re definitely going to need tissues. Directioners, gather your similarly-obsessed pals, bring some carrots to snack on (a deep cut 1D reference there) and try not to think about Zayn leaving the band.

You can suss all the details at the IMAX Melbourne website. Happy sobbing!