Hang The Fuck On, Apparently We’ve All Been Pronouncing Adele Wrong This Whole Time

adele name pronunciation revealed

Adele — who everyone would assume has a pretty straightforward name — revealed that we’ve all been saying it wrong this entire time. Ma’am it has been nearly 15 years and you only tell us we’ve been embarrassing ourselves now?

Per Page Six, the prominent singer recently thanked a fan in London for pronouncing her name the correct way during a fan Q&A for her latest single “I Drink Wine”.

“Where is she from, Enfield or something?” Adele asked after the fan’s question played on the event’s screen.

“Love that, she said my name perfectly.”

The host then asked how it’s meant to be pronounced which resulted in Adele saying “Adele” over and over in her thick Northern London accent.

Apparently, it’s not “a-delle”, as we have been saying all this fucking time. It’s “uh-dale”. Or maybe “uh-dowl” or “uh-deywl”, if you put a bit of British inflection on it. Adele also says her name quite quickly, smashing together the two syllables instead of drawing them out into two clearly distinct sounds.

Fans have coped exactly the way I would have expected them to after realising they’ve been cocking up the pronunciation of the name of one of the biggest singers in the world for more than a decade: funny, dumb memes.



Honestly as a person with family from the UK, the way Adele says her name sounds exactly the same as how I say it in my head.

Hang on, how do other people say it? How the fuck do Americans say “Adele”? Considering how they think “banana” rhymes with “Hannah” or “caramel” is missing a vital “A”, goodness knows what they’ve been calling Adele all these years. And don’t even get me started on how Americans pronounce “Craig”. IT DOES NOT RHYME WITH EGG.

But this is definitely reminding me of that time we found out we’d all been saying “IKEA” wrong. Or the time everyone lost their shit over the (incredibly wrong) way Nigella Lawson thinks “microwave” is pronounced. I will never forget that moment in time.