Fans Are Rallying For Adele To Replace Posh On The Spice Girls Reunion Tour

At long last, your prayers for a Spice Girls reunion tour have finally been answered, with the gang officially CONFIRMING they will bring Girl Power to the stage once more. But, as is the case with a slew of iconic pop culture reunions, one OG member wants no part in it.

For the Spice Girls tour, that person is Victoria Beckham. Not surprisingly, her decision has come with its fair share of ~drama ~from fans and her fellow Spice Girls.

Heck, Mel B even held her own not-so-subtle protest last week with a VB-inspired Halloween costume.

But now the internet has come up with a genius solution to the dilemma.

For those who missed it, Adele – who is perhaps the biggest celebrity Spice Girls fan – absolutely lost her shit when she heard the reunion news, posting this throwback shot on Instagram:

“HA! This is how I feel right now! I AM READY ✌????” wrote Adele.

As an insanely talented singer, it was only a matter of time before fans started rallying for Adele to replace Posh for the reunion.

“You could fill in for Posh this go around” one fan commented.

“I think you’ve found your fifth member! It would be great surprise!” another added.

[jwplayer R96KTr5m]

Emma Bunton then got in on the excitement and re-grammed Adele’s pic, captioning it with five love heart emojis:


When Mel B was asked about the prospect of someone potentially replacing VB back in 2016, by James Corden, she confessed:

“I don’t think we could ever replace Sporty or Posh, but I’d like to invite some people up on stage with us.” 

Corden then asked whether they’d consider letting die-hard fangirl Adele join the crew, to which Mel responded, “I love her”.

Watch the clip here:

In conclusion, the fans want it, Adele wants it and The Spice Girls still seem to want it. I bet even VB would be down if it means taking the heat off her for a hot minute.

Basically, given everything we know, it’s entirely possible Adele could join The Spice Girls on tour.