The Spice Girls Are Set To Reunite For A Tour, But Posh Is Giving It A Miss

Spice Girls

We’ve been burned by Spice Girls reunion rumours many times before, so we won’t believe this one until it’s absolutely confirmed, but as of this weekend, there’s a very strong hint that four of the original five members are planning to reunite for a tour.

The iconic ’90s girl group are expected to announce their reunion plans as part of an upcoming appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, and they’re said to have pre-recorded a special announcement that will air on November 5. That said, there are a couple of catches.

For one, original member Victoria ‘Posh Spice’ Beckham will reportedly not be taking part, as she’s chosen to remain focused on her fashion career. For another, the rumoured reunion is said to be a “UK stadium tour”, with no hint of any international dates as yet.

If the rumours are true, that means that Melanie ‘Sporty’ ChisholmEmma ‘Baby’ BuntonMelanie ‘Scary’ Brown and Geri ‘Ginger’ Halliwell are still in, so you may want to look at booking any upcoming UK trips accordingly.

The Spice Girls formed in 1994 and enjoyed several years of total chart domination until Geri left the group in 1998, leading them to break up for good in 2000. They have reunited at various points since, but have not toured in over a decade.

A few years back, Victoria Beckham revealed that during her time in the Spice Girls, she didn’t actually do much beyond dancing around on the stage with her microphone turned off, but she seems to have come out of all that pretty well unscathed and continues to live her best life.