Matt Doran Said He’s A ‘Monstrous Fan’ Of Adele On TV The Same Day *That* Report Came Out

Matt Doran Adele

Matt Doran, the Channel Seven journalist who snubbed Adele in an exclusive $1M interview, insisted on national telly he’s a *checks notes* “monstrous fan” of the singer. Sir, for a dollar, name one (1) song off 30.

On Sunday’s episode of The Morning Show — which aired just before the Daily Telegraph reported on him being suspended for snubbing Adele — the TV host was described by his co-star Kylie Gillies as “Australia’s Biggest Adele Fan”. Seems a bit weird given he didn’t even listen to Adele’s new music before interviewing her?

Even weirder, after Gillies said this, he replied with almost zero hesitation: “I am a monstrous fan, Kylie”.

Doran then gave a rather robotic description of the artist’s discography that reads to me like a paragraph from Wikipedia.

“Her debut was 19, then came 21, and then 25 – all reflecting the age she was when Adele wrote them,” he said.

“30 was mostly written when she was 30 years old.”

In other news, water is wet, paper is thin, and Adele still refuses to collaborate with Peppa Pig. P.S. a true fan would get that reference, just saying.

In case you missed it, the Daily Telegraph reported that Doran and a pair of Seven’s camera crew were flown off to London earlier this month for an exclusive interview with the “Easy On Me” singer.

The interview was part of a licensing deal worth over a million dollars that included exclusive streaming rights to Adele’s One Night Only special, her interview with Oprah Winfrey, and more.

However, after the host struggled to share his own opinion on the album throughout the interview, he was reportedly forced to admit to her face that he hadn’t listened to the very album he was tasked with interviewing her about.

Side note: a direct flight to London from Sydney is roughly 23 hours long. Adele’s 30 runs for a solid 58 minutes and 18 seconds.

As a result of this fiasco, Adele (via Sony) reportedly denied the Australian TV network access to footage of the interview, leaving them to hastily chop together a montage of local artists covering her songs. Doran was suspended from work for two weeks after the incident took place.

In an interview with The Australian this morning, Doran revealed he was “​​mortified and unequivocally apologetic” about what transpired.