Responsible Queen Adele Paused Her Fkn Huge London Gig To Check If A Fan In The Crowd Was OK

Actual angel and my dream celeb BFF Adele paused her massive London concert to make sure fans were OK in the crowd.

She was performing in London’s Hyde Park to a crowd of 65,000 people and absolute rave reviews.

It was the first public, live concert Adele has given in five years after she had to cancel two London shows in 2017 ‘cos of her vocal cords.

At one point in the show Adele paused the whole concert to check on a fan.

She was singing “Skyfall”, her absolute banger of a James Bond song when she noticed someone in the crowd who needed help.

In vids shared on socials, she can be seen calling for security.

“Hang on, stop, stop, stop,” she said.

“Do you need security’s help?” she asked, pointing into the crowd.

She then pointed out where exactly the security guards needed to go, because a group of people in the middle of the crowd were waving to get her attention.

“Can you get in there?” she asked.

“They’re coming, they’re coming — make room, everyone move out the way please.”

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Shoutout not only to Adele for stepping in to make sure the person got help, but also to everyone else in the crowd trying to get her attention in the first place.

Other videos from the concert show incredibly wholesome scenes like Adele getting visibly emotional at the crowd singing along to “Someone Like You”.

And you know what, maybe I am welling up a little bit.

As well as performing her classic bangers, Adele also sang hits from her latest release 30.

Before she performed “I Drink Wine”, Adele made a brutally honest revelation.

“I’m fucking shitting myself!” she said according to Variety.

In fairness if I had to get up in front of 65,000 people I’d be absolutely shitting bricks to.

Between songs, Adele brought up a fair few topics including Britney Spears memes, seeing Billie Eilish live with her son and bingeing Stranger Things. Relatable queen. I bet she’s a Dustin stan.

One Direction king Niall Horan was even vibing in the crowd having the time of his life.

Oh to be Niall Horan’s concert buddy. He is truly out there being his best self, attending all the best concerts. And good for him!

In short the vibes from the concert looked absolutely immaculate.

Even without the music I’d honestly be happy to see Adele do a one woman stand-up set. As long as she promises to come down under sometime soon.