14 Personalised Mother’s Day Gift Idea That Beat The Dogshit Pressies Your Siblings Have Planned

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This is your first warning that Mother’s Day is essentially right around the corner. So, if you haven’t sorted a personalised gift for mum yet, now is the time, my friends. We’ve been draining their resources for years, so it’s about time we paid up and gave back to the person who just, you know, gave us life.

Now, there are two types of personalised gifts you can bless your mother with. One is a legit personalised gift, like a monogrammed phone case, wallet, doormat etc. and the other is something you’ve made, created or cooked with your bare hands (bc it’s, ya know, an affordable option). We’re talking about making her a little something, something like breaky in bed or a cute photo album with your mug all through it. Ya picking up what we’re putting down?

Below, we’ve pulled together a list filled with both kinds of Mother’s Day gifts that should keep you in her good books for at least another year, if you don’t fuck it up. And you don’t even have to wrap some of these.

The Best Personalised Gifts for Mum

1. A Fresh Fragrance (But Make it Monogrammed)

Giving someone perfume is always a brilliant idea, just as long as you know what kind of fragrance they like — floral, fruity, woodsy, fresh, and clean. It’s a personal gift in the sense that you actually know what they love and would wear, but you can also take it that step further by getting it engraved with a little love message like you can with Giorgio Armani’s Sì Passione Intense Eau De Parfum ($268, 100ml).

2. Something That Shows Off Your Creative Skillz

Image: @jackmiers

The Print Bar 

It’s giving primary school DIY, but now we have actual monies. Give mum a healthy dose of nostalgia by gifting her something truly unique, like a custom printed tee, mug, apron, tea towel and more with your designs on them, thanks to the legends over at The Print Bar. Their services are super easy to use, they do small batches/print runs (so you won’t end up with 500 tees sitting in boxes collecting dust), and they offer same-day printing and shipping on select services. The opportunities for this one are endless, so get creative and give ma something she’ll love.

You can learn more about The Print Bar here.

3. This Cult Favourite Hair Tool

Dyson Airwrap, $899 (usually $949)

This one will really earn you that golden child status! If ma’s been harping on about wanting a Dyson Airwrap or Supersonic for a while now, it’s up to you to rally the siblings (and maybe dad), and get the woman who literally birthed you what she deserves.

Plus, at the minnie, you can even add a personal touch by getting it complimentary gift wrapping and debossed — as well as scoring her bonus styling set valued at $89. Noice one, Garry!

4. Personalised Jewellery

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Another classic Mother’s Day gift? Jewellery, only this time, make it personal. Get mum a sweet personalised necklace with her initials on it, like this one from By Charlotte ($289). It’s simple and elegant, and she’ll wear it for years to come. Alternatively, you could always give her a necklace with each child’s initials on it, you know, to really cement yourself as the golden child.  Suck eggs, siblings.

5. Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast in bed is a Mother’s Day classic for a reason: it’s thoughtful, delicious, and next-level luxury. The trick to really nailing breakfast in bed is to not think about what you would want someone to bring you, but what mum would want you to bring. The other key is to go all out: coffee or tea, a pretty breakfast, and a couple of fresh flowers in a vase/jar/cup/whatever you have handy. It’s a beautiful, personalised gift for mum that also screams “This is why I’m your favourite”.

6. A Monogrammed Wallet

There’s something about gifting someone something monogrammed that just feels bougie as fuck. Honestly, whenever I get something with my initials on it I feel very classy, so I’m sure mum will feel the same about a monogrammed wallet, headphones or phone case. These days, you can get a range of different options from places like Maison de Sabré or Etsy.

7. Book Her A Spa Appointment

Think of the one treatment you know your mum would love but never has the time (or budget) to book in for — and get her that. You really can’t go wrong with a facial, manicure and pedicure, or massage but the real key is to fit it into her schedule. Personally, my mum would want to book it in herself, so I’d get her a voucher. But if you know your mum is terrible at prioritising her me-time, tell her to keep a specific afternoon free, book her in and then take her to the appointment as a surprise.

Also, unless you two haven’t spent any quality time together, don’t go in with her. You could do a tandem appointment, but honestly, she probably wants some peace and quiet, so leave her to it.

8. DIY At-Home Beauty Treats

If you want to help mum treat herself at home, then making a little DIY beauty treat is a cute surprise. Either fill a glass jar with some essential oil- and flower-infused bath salts or fill an eco-friendly tea bag with dried flowers like lavender or chamomile to create a bath tea bag. Bonus points if you set it all up in her bathroom (complete with a chic bath caddy) to give the full at-home spa vibe.

9. A Custom Doormat

I feel like most mums would get a real kick out of a custom doormat. You can get a bunch of different kinds on Etsy, ones that say things like ‘Welcome to the [insert your last name here]‘ and ‘Please hide packages from husband‘ — very mum areas!

10. A Handmade Card

If you’re really low on cash, have a bit of extra time, and want to make mum feel like you’ve really thought about your gift — make her a card. You can decorate it with photos of you both, special words, and cute memories. Sliding in a gift voucher or Instant Scratch-Its is a cute extra that mum will definitely appreciate, too.

11. This Monogrammed Notecard Set

Mums, they’re among some of the only humans left that still write thank you notes, Christmas cards and letters. So we just know that she’d probably froth a personalised notecard set from Etsy. Grab her some fancy gens pens from Typo and bam, you’ve won Mother’s Day 2023.

12. Custom Photo Album

Making mum a custom photo album can either be a quick and cute job or a total slog — it’s up to you to choose how far you take it. Either way, print out a bunch of photos from over the years and either make what is essentially a card filled with photos or bust out the glitter pens and make an entire scrapbook dedicated to your mum. Hell, if you’re design inclined, you could even do up a whole thing on Canva!

13. A Custom Charcuterie Board

Real ones know that a custom charcuterie board will go down an absolute fkn treat with the platter professional you call your mother. We’d recommend sussing out Hard to Find and nab yourself a baby like this “I Bloody Love Cheese” charcuterie board ($79) with matching knives.

14. Give Your Presence As A Present

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If you live in a different city or town to your mum and have some extra cash (or time to drive) laying around, then it’s time to surprise her in person. We’ll hazard a guess that you’ve been separated for much of the past year or two if you’re living far from home, so turning up on her doorstep for the big day is probably the best Mother’s Day gift you could give.