15 Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50 For The Mum Who Insists You Only Get Her Something Small

cheap mother's day gifts
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Friends, we’re just over a month out from Mother’s Day, so it’s time to get our asses into gear and start shopping for a gift for the angelic woman who raised us. I know what you’re thinking, shit is expensive at the moment, so how can you afford something sweet for Mum? Well, we’ve made it our mission to find some cheap Mother’s Day gifts under $50 that she’ll love as much as a bougie gift.

We’ve got functional gifts like Pilates socks, AirTags, and lunch bags as well as pamper gifts like skincare sets, bath soaks, and wellness journals. All of which make wholesome gifts.

Here are our top 15 cheap Mother’s Day gifts. You’re welcome!

The Best Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts

MoveActive Sweet Stripes Grip Socks

Cheap Mother's Day Gifts

If Mum is in her Pilates era, getting her some cute pairs of grippy socks is a wonderful (and affordable) gift idea.

Laneige Icons To Go Set Mini

We honestly don’t know if there’s a cuter, more hydrating skincare set. It comes with travel versions of Laneige’s Cream Skin Toner and Moisturizer, the Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Cream, Water Sleeping Mask, and the cult-famous Lip Sleeping Mask.

Cheap Mother's Day Gifts

Gigi & Tom Glass Espresso Coffee Cup Green

If Mum enjoys a good drip, she will adore these fun Espresso Coffee cups from Gigi & Tom. At $9.95 a pop, you can grab her a couple to jazz up her morning brew.

Kip&Co Poochie Pink Quilted Boucle Slippers

It’s a universal rule that Mums just love a good pair of slippers, so why not upgrade hers for Mother’s Day? How cute are these fluffy babies from Kip&Co?

Cheap Mother's Day Gifts

Fine Day Weekender Pouch

Another classic Mother’s Day gift is a toiletry/makeup bag, which is good because these babies should be replaced annually.

Journey of Something Paint Your Own Plate

Sorry, but this is a cute gift idea, especially if Mum loves a craft moment. Journey of Something has these cute Paint Your Own Plate kits that come with one ceramic glazed plate with image indents, six fine-tipped acrylic pens and a handy little colour guide. Sure, one plate won’t be enough for the fam to eat off, but it could be one of those fancy plates she whips out on special occasions — you know the ones.

Cheap Mother's Day Gifts

The Somewhere Co Sprinkle Fiesta Lunch Bag

Can’t you just picture Mum carrying her lunch to work in this fun lunch bag??!

Black Blaze Bondi Breeze Scented Incense

We’d happily wager that one of the main gifts you’d usually get Mum is a bloody good candle. That’s nice and all, but why not get her something a little different like incense? According to the brand, Black Blaze, these incense smell like a sea breast aka bergamot, violet leaves, bois de rose, light musk and blond wood.

Cheap Mother's Day Gifts

Country Road Poppy Egg Cup

Get Mum all nostalgic for the days when she used to cook you eggs and soldiers with this cute egg cup.

Donna Hay The Fast Five by Brumby Sunstate

Speaking of cooking, you could get your ma a good cookbook for Mother’s Day.

Cheap Mother's Day Gifts

Typo Mini Affirmation Cards

For the Mum who says, “Just get me something small”, try a pack of affirmation cards. There are 30 cards in this pack; they’re all daily encouragement, words of wisdom, self-encouragement and some are just for fun.

The Commonfolk Collective Wave Chaser 3-pack Air Freshener

As far as cheap Mother’s Day gifts go, this is an out-of-the-box idea, but also one only a Mum could appreciate. A really fucking cute car air freshener (or three). This pack smells like agarwood, musk and patchouli, YUM!

Cheap Mother's Day Gifts

Addition Studio Bath Brew

If this doesn’t just scream Mum, we don’t know what does. Bath Brew is a giant tea bag for the bath, used as a remedial & relaxing bath soak. Steep in this tonic and enjoy the benefits.

Papier Rise and Shine Wellness Journal

If you think Mum needs a little more TLC in her life, this wellness journal from Papier is a really wholesome gift idea. Add a really fancy pen to the pressie and you’re good to go.

Cheap Mother's Day Gifts

Apple Airtag

And finally, for the Mum who’s always travelling, an Apple Airtag. It’s functional, affordable and she’ll be thanking you for it one day when an airline loses her luggage.

That’s all we’ve got as far as cheap Mother’s Day gifts. However, you can find more of our gift guides here.