12 Mother’s Day Gifts The Angelic Woman Who Literally Raised You Actually Like

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Mother’s Day in Australia is just short of a month away, folks, and we can already sense millions of kids nationwide scouring the internet trying to work out what a woman 50+ wants as a present. Guys, we’re not messing with you — Mother’s Day gift shopping is hard. Buying for your mum can feel borderline impossible. The woman owns everything she wants, and if she doesn’t, she’ll go out and buy it for herself before you even get the chance. We love ’em, but, Mum, would ya leave some Mother’s Day gift ideas for the rest of us?!

Maybe you disagree and think it’s easy to buy affordable Mother’s Day gifts for Mum. Well, my friend, this is when I tell you that your mother — the woman who brought you into this world — has probably hated every single present you’ve ever given her. Sorry! It’s true! If you think you’re killing it, it’s probably just because your mum is really good at faking her happiness over your last-minute Mother’s Day presents.

This is a definitive list of Mother’s Day gift ideas mums don’t hate with the fire of a thousand suns — we asked all our mums, and that’s how we know. From a voucher to everyone’s favourite place on Earth and home of the sauso sizzle, Bunnings, to candles that don’t smell like car air freshener, we’ve got something here mum will actually love — including Mother’s Day presents you don’t even have to wrap.

When is Mother’s Day in Australia?

Before we get to the goods, it probably helps to know what day Mother’s Day in Australia actually is. Traditionally, Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday in May, meaning this year, Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 14. Now, for the Mother’s Day gift ideas that’ll surely blow her hair back.

1. A new pillow


Emma Diamond Pillow, $150

Guys, I know this sounds boring, but trust me — really good quality pillows are the bee’s knees because a) they’re not something anyone wants to actively spend their own money on, and b) this particular one by Emma Sleep is literally akin to sleeping on a supportive cloud. Fitted with cooling technology and adjustable layers for optimal comfort and support, this baby will ensure Mum doesn’t have another sleepless night.

Also, bonus points if she hasn’t replaced hers in years because then you can pair this gift with a detailed account of what could be festering in her old one (pssst, it includes mite feces and mould). Then she’ll really be grateful.

2. Some Winter Booties

Merry People Bobbi Gum Boot, $149.95

If your Mum is anything like mine — she probably hates the cold. Or despises it really. These warm and stylish booties will prevent that, bbs. Whether she wants to wear it all day at work, outside in the garden, or while walking the dog at the park  — these babies are as versatile as they come.

3. A Dyson Airwrap

Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler, $799 (usually $949)

C’mon, if she’s been asking for an Airwrap for the last three years to no avail, don’t you think this is the perfect time to surprise her? Everyone knows it’s one of the best hair prods in the biz, and who are you to spare Mum from looking her slayest? Now, we know the $799 might really take it out of ya, so rally the troops, y’all. Best believe your dad, brother, both your sisters, and even ya dog should get involved for this one.

Plus, as a special little Mother’s Day treat, Dyson are also offering complimentary gift wrapping, debossing, and a bonus styling set valued at $89.

4. Some Nice Pyjamas

Goodnight Sleep Pants, $64.95

I feel like Mother’s Day is the perfect time for Mum’s pyjamas to get a bit of a refresh. Treat her to a nice pair of jammies, not just some cheapies you picked up at the local mall. And make sure they’re the kind she likes — if she likes nighties, get her something cute and soft. If she likes sets, make sure you get one that matches her uggs. Speak of uggs, if she needs a fresh set of slippers to sashay around the house in, that’s a bloody good gift idea too.

5. A Coffee Bean Subscription

Beanz Coffee Subscription, from $36 per delivery

If mum can’t go without sipping on the devil’s (delicious) juice to come alive of a morning (and she already has a coffee machine), then why not treat her a subscription to her favourite beans? You can pick the frequency of each delivery depending how much she goes through. That way, she’ll never have to worry about running out when she needs it most. Top-tier thinking, if you ask us. It’s also low-effort and can be done last-minute if you’re working on borrowed time before the big day.

6. Some Hot New Specs

Sito Shades Electro Vision, $89.95

Whether she’s a big fashion girlie or she’s hitting up the Italian coast to escape a jarring Aussie winter in June (or better yet, she’s doing both), first of all, we don’t blame her, and second of all, these stylish specs make for the perfect accompaniment for her trip. She’ll thank ya later.

7. GOOD Candles

The Commonfolk Collective Mum Candle, $34.95 via THE ICONIC

Read this very, very carefully. There are good candles, and then there are horrible cheap nasty candles that smell like your grandma’s potpourri collection. You should not spend less than $30 on the candle, and you should probably just follow our brand list here — The Commonfolk Collective, Ecoya, any candle from Mecca, Glasshouse, Lumira and Voluspa. I’ve probably forgotten some, but if you’re stuck — that list will be your guiding light.

8. Some Sort Of Family-Related Framed Photo

This is ALWAYS A WIN. Mums love photos of their kids — they will happily have 4,503 photos of their kids and family adorning the walls, floors, and other hard surfaces of their home. You can’t pull this one out every year, but if you didn’t gift this in 2021 – now’s your time to shine, babey!

A few notes — get a frame that matches your mum’s decor (do not — I repeat, do not — get one of those “love forever” tacky dollar shop things) and choose a pic that involves you and your fam actually looking like you like each other. And don’t be an asshole — make sure everyone in the photo looks good, not just yourself, yeah?

9. A Voucher For A Massage

 massage voucher

Another good Mother’s Day gift idea for the mums who are always complaining about doing “all the work around here”, “what is this a hotel” and “oh, my back is out because I’m always picking up after everyone even though you don’t live here anymore,” lol. The point is — her back it’s sore. Give her a massage voucher, ideally at a ~fancy~ place.

10. A Snazzy Skincare Device

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Foreo UFO, $318.87

Mum absolutely deserves a little skin treat, especially one she can use time and time again to enjoy some downtime. Depending on your budget, there is a range of different beauty tools and devices you can gift mum. If you’re looking to really knock the Mother’s Day gift outta the park, we recommend a facial cleansing device like the Foreo UFO. Otherwise, if you’re sticking to more of a budget, a nice gua sha or facial roller is still a beautiful gift.

11. Flowers, But With A Little Extra Spice

Mother’s Day Gift ideas: flowers

We know we said, ‘so you don’t just give her flowers again’, and we meant it! These bunches from LVLY aren’t just a bunch of day-old Woolies stems, they come with a cute mason jar style vase, and you can even choose a bunch that comes with a little extra treat like champagne or yoga cards. Other brands like Daily Blooms also do gorgeous bouquets that you can pair with a sweet cake, vase or tea towel!

12. A Bunnings Voucher

Bunnings gift card

I kid you not, every mum in Australia will froth a Bunnings voucher. Why? Because that damn store has everything mums actually like in life — stuff to do up the house with, plants, and tools to fix things your father keeps forgetting to fix, the useless piece of shit.

My mum, for example, is definitely the Tim The Tool Man of our household — she’s always finding creaky hinges and dripping taps to fix. So my Mother’s Day gift idea will probably go towards the new electric secateurs she’s been eyeing off.

13. A Phone Call

Okay, if nothing else — call your mum, yeah? Mums, they love the phone calls. If you don’t live in the same city as your mum (or country) and also managed to forget it was Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 14, in Australia, here’s your reminder to CALL THE WOMAN WHO RAISED YOU.

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Mother’s Day Cards

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