What To Buy Your Angelic Mum This Mother’s Day If You’ve Been A Right Shit

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday – did you forget? Do you love me for reminding you? I’m a hero in these dark times.

The thing is, Mother’s Day is a bit weird this year. While isolation rules have somewhat relaxed in states like WA and NSW, allowing you to go visit your mum – many states still won’t let you go socially visit your folks if you don’t live with them. There’s also the chance you’re avoiding mum on Mother’s Day because her health isn’t great, and she’s vulnerable to coronavirus.

There’s also the chance you’ve been a totally shit child and have barely checked in with her, eh? It’s ok. We’re all humans. Use money to heal the rift.

We’re going to help you find the perfect present for that.

1. LVLY Flowers

If you’re in Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide you can send mum a heaps cute jar of blooms with same day delivery, but LVLY deliver Australia-wide. They also have other adorable gifts like personalised cookies, if Mum’s not a flower person.

2. Ab Carver Pro

BEAR WITH ME HERE. Let’s not get sexist with the Mother’s Day gifts, k? My mum, for example, is a gym demon and would froth this weird rolly thingie that helps you do crunches without hurting your back. I’ll prob get her this, tbh.

3. Phosphorescence, Julia Baird

If your mum is a reader, how about this book from insanely accomplished Aussie Julia Baird? It’s described as “a beautiful, intimate and inspiring investigation into how we can find and nurture within ourselves that essential quality of internal happiness – the ‘light within’ that Julia Baird calls ‘phosphorescence’ – which will sustain us even through the darkest times.” If that doesn’t sound like a joy to read, what is?

4. Italian Cheese Making Kit

‘Cos what else are we doing in iso but making food to eat, right?

5. Aesop The Melodist Gift Pack

Yes, it contains a product called ‘post-poo drops’, but a) mums love scenting their bathroom for some reason and b) everyone who has used the Aesop post-poo drops swears they’re amazing.

6. UGG Australia Classic Mini Boot

Winter is coming! That means Uggs are out in force – if you know your mum’s uggies have a large hole at the big toe, maybe it’s a great time to buy her new ones.

7. T2 The Dreamer Tea

When in doubt, tea usually works for mums on Mother’s Day. I dunno why, but all the mums I know froth a good tea.

8. Tonic Australia Pamper Pack

Heat pillow? Check. Relaxing eye pillow? Check. This one will earn you a teary “thank you” phone call for SURE.

9. Tiffany & Co Solitaire Diamond Earrings

Feeling boujie? Got some cash? All mums like solitaire diamond earrings. I think. Well, mine does.

10. MNG Adri-S Coat

The Iconic have 40% off their exclusive edit at the moment, which means this jacket comes down to a chill $137.97. There are heaps more pieces on sale, and The Iconic have super quick shipping – bonus if you’ve left things to the last minute.

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