Zoe-Clare McDonald Talked Us Through Her Infamous Ranga Rant On The Bachelor

Zoe-Clare McDonald Talked Us Through Her Infamous Ranga Rant On The Bachelor

Naturally, there is one (1) main question PEDESTRIAN.TV is going to ask Zoe-Clare McDonald after her stint on The Bachelor 2020. And yes, it’s about her utterly bizarre / hated / loved speech on being a redhead. Let us begin.

At the very end of episode 1 of Locky Gilbert‘s season, Zoe-Clare went on an absolutely boonta rant about the oppression of rangas. It was certainly a sight to behold and one that was immortalised in art (stunning memes and TikToks).

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So how did it all come to be? Well, the truth is a combination of meds, alcohol, and someone. More on that later.

“A couple of days before I went in [to the mansion], I had gotten the gastro bug,” Zoe-Clare said. “So I had been given medication to stop me from vomiting.”

The doctor had told Zoe-Clare that after 24 hours, the medication should have run its course, allowing for some wine.

But just to be safe, Zoe-Clare started that night’s cocktail party with a glass of water. Then, two glasses of wine. That was it. But the meds? Well, I guess they were still in her system.

“The medication obviously didn’t mix very well [with the alcohol],” she said.

However, it was one of the women in the mansion that really set Zoe-Clare off.

She wouldn’t name names, though.

“It was shown in the episode as well, but one of the girls definitely referred to me as ‘the redhead’,” she explained. “She didn’t use my name, which I found – I think anybody would find that insulting. You know my name, you’re very aware of my name.”

It just wasn’t appropriate, Zoe added.

She said watching it all back on TV felt like an out-of-body experience.

“It was quite traumatic at first, like, ‘God, Zoe, what is going on?’ But you laugh about it, it’s quite hilarious actually.”

“When I’m drunk, I’m dancing on the table and getting kicked out of bars, I’m not the one that cries,” Zoe added. “So it’s a weird experience, but I definitely don’t have any regrets!”


She’s also a huge fan of the memes and TikToks, by the way. Zoe-Clare bloody loves them.

“Someone has even made merch about me, which I think is pretty cool,” she said.

“It’s like a phone case that says, ‘I’m a fucking ranga’, and I’m so keen to get it, like send it my way!”

The Bachelor continues tonight 7.30pm on Channel 10.