An Anon Bachie Gal Claimed She Had To Pay For Her Own STD Test Before Going On The Show

An Anon Bachie Gal Claimed She Had To Pay For Her Own STD Test Before Going On The Show

Today on Mystery Source Monday, a slew of insiders, including at least one ~ anonymous ~ contestant from Locky Gilbert‘s season of The Bachelor, have dragged the living piss out of the show.

Speaking to Woman’s Day, sources dished on what life was like in the mansion, namely the food, the conditions, and medical demands.

One source said the food is pretty much in line with what you saw Areeba Emmanuel eating in episode 1 of this season. If you don’t remember what I’m talking about, I’m referring to the sandwich Areeba munched on while Zoe-Clare McDonald ranted at her about being a ranga. Good times.

The Bachelor

“The food options aren’t very exciting – there are no banquets or lavish catering not unless it’s part of a date,” the source said.

But wait, there’s more. Apparently, if you miss the “designated food break” it’s your loss, because producers don’t want the women visibly eating during filming.

Why, tho?

“[This] means the girls often go very hungry… and get very irritable,” the source said.

Makes sense. I am an absolute monster when I’m hangry.

Another source told the publication that contestants wake up when the producers tell them to.

“You barely get a chance to rest because you’re going to bed at 1am and being woken up at sunrise,” the source said.

Apparently, the producers are really set on getting that natural romantic lighting for dates.

The source added, “It’s such an exhausting process, you have to be on call 24/7!”

Before you even go on the show, contestants have to go through a psychological evaluation and a number of medical tests.

“You’re ordered to a doctor and they take your spit, blood, and urine as part of STD testing,” the anonymous contestant said.

“I had to see both a regular GP and go to a sexual health clinic because I was allowed on the show,” the source continued, adding that she had to pay for her own tests.

Uhhhh? It’s common knowledge that the women have to go through a number of tests before hopping on the show, but to pay for them yourself? Woof.

As for walking out on the show, a source said you can’t actually do that without the approval of production.

“A few of the girls begged to leave on their own terms, but they were forced to stay and wait for the rose ceremonies to be eliminated properly,” the insider said.

According to goss-goss podcast So Dramatic!, Zoe-Clare tried to walk out on The Bachelor after becoming fed up with all the drama. But as we saw, Zoe-Clare only left the mansion after not receiving a rose from Locky.

Interestingly, Zoe-Clare told PEDESTRIAN.TV that she didn’t even speak to Locky during her last cocktail party because she just wanted to leave.

Speaking of ol’ mate, it sounds like the girls don’t really get to spend all that much time with him.

There’s apparently a “hands off policy” when the cameras aren’t rolling, because it causes continuity issues if conversations are had without the cameras on.

The source said this rule was also in place to stop Locky from becoming “overwhelmed by the women”. Plus, “Locky often needed downtime”.

Make of that what you will.

The Bachelor continues Wednesday 7.30pm on Channel 10.