Zoe-Clare Spilled On Why Roxi Thought She Was Being Thrown Under The Bus On Bach Last Night

Wednesday night’s episode of The Bachelor was… confusing. Roxi Kenny was visibly upset over something Juliette Herrera may or may not have done, like she said that Juliette was going to run her name through the mud and throw her under the bus. That was literally the crux of the episode. Forget about the actual Bachelor Locky Gilbert. So since PEDSTRIAN.TV got to chat to last night’s reject, Zoe-Clare McDonald, I thought I’d ask her about the whole thing.

Yes, I also chatted to Zoe-Clare about her ranga rant. You can check that out below.

Righto, so, last night Roxi was really upset at Juliette because she thought Juliette was going to tell Locky something about her. And then Laura Calleri confronted Juliette about it, asking what the “plan” was. Juliette said she had no idea what Laura was on about.



“I was even confused watching it,” Zoe-Clare said.

“I remember the night really well, but things were said. Someone had implied that Roxi was a bully, which honestly is so far from the truth,” she said.

Who this someone is, Zoe-Clare wouldn’t say.

She did say that the constant hearsay was a reason why she wanted to leave the mansion. Oh yeah, she actually wanted to leave. Like, she didn’t speak to Locky during last night’s cocktail party at all. Zoe-Clare wanted out of there.

So Roxi was very uncomfortable with the accusation, Zoe-Clare explained. She didn’t want to be perceived as a bully on national TV.

“I fully get her standing her ground and getting upset about it,” she said. “I would’ve also been upset if someone had tried to out me as a bully on national television when that’s the furthest thing from the truth.”

She said there was a distinct divide between some girls, and it all just became a little too high school.

“It had nothing to do with production,” Zoe-Clare said. “I think it was just the difference of personalities in the house.”

She continued, “It is such a broad spectrum of personalities. You have some quiet girls and you have myself and Roxi and a few of the other girls, who are so blunt, but that’s just what it is.”

“We would always be polite to each other, but you could definitely tell when you’re being spoken about,” she said. And we saw that a lot last night.

Like when Roxi, Laura, Irena Srbinovska, and Bella Varelis spoke poorly of Juliette, Areeba EmmanuelKaitlyn Hope, and Kristina Abramoff. And, vice versa.

It all just sounds extremely exhausting.

To conclude:

The Bachelor continues 7.30pm tonight on Channel 10.