Teen Wolf Star Tyler Posey Has Joined OnlyFans, Which Is Something To Sink Your Teeth Into

Tyler Posey OnlyFans

Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey (28) has launched his very own OnlyFans, which is something to sink your teeth into if you’re fanging for some heat.

Yep, for just $15 a month, you can see some spicy pics of everyone’s favourite TV screen heartthrob, who kinda disappeared into the shadows for a while.

“Welcome to my OnlyFans. I play the guitar in my bare ass. Hang with me and we’ll be best friends,” he says in the trailer while strumming a guitar in the nude.

As for the trailer itself, well, it’s… a lot. It features an over-the-top video reel of Posey’s career highlights and obnoxious movie trailer music, almost like he’s dropping a brand new film.

You can check out the teaser below.


It’s not quite clear what kind of content Posey will be posting, especially considering he is shirtless half the time on his public Instagram.

Videos behind a paywall have titles such as ‘Take a ride on my wild side’, ‘My lap looks like a nice seat’ and ‘Who wouldn’t wanna lounge around with me all day :)’, and boy do I know a fuckboi when I see one.


Posey’s original OnlyFans announcement post was met with some pretty critical comments.

One follower wrote: “funny how if a guy did this he is literally just getting praised, but the women that do this for an actual job and they get so discriminated and hated on. anyways no hate to Tyler Posey just sayin.”

Another follower, who actually got behind the paywall, revealed that there might not be as much Posey nudity as we’d expect.

“Girl we saw ur only fans posts, there is no nudity btw y’all, they are all clothed, there is no good content on his OnlyFans, stop scamming with regular clothed Instagram pics and post some nudes or get off of OnlyFans.”

This announcement comes just one month after Bella Thorne harvested the scrutiny of the entire sex work community by single-handedly changing how OnlyFans operates by making $2 million in a week.

“Sex workers aren’t mad at her specifically for making a lot of money, but for doing it on a platform that they built and doesn’t recognise them, in an industry she doesn’t respect,” Escort and solo porn creator Jane* told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

Let’s just hope Tyler Posey doesn’t follow in similar footsteps with his own account and content.

*Names have been changed to protect identity.