Great, Bella Thorne’s Sis Has Joined OnlyFans & Is Making Fucked-Up Comments About Sex Work

Following Bella Thorne’s controversial foray into OnlyFans, her sister Kaili Thorne has now followed suit and it looks like drama runs in the fucken’ family.

The social media star has been called out by content creators for joining OnlyFans and sharing an incredibly offensive and disparaging Instagram Story where she opines that sex work is “not real.”

“The argument is that sex should not be work. That’s why it turns into human trafficking and should be stopped. Sex work does not exist. It is not real,” she wrote on IG.

“Would I call it legit? No. Nothing about ‘sucking for crack’ is legitimate.” She also said users were “not creative.”

“All your bios say the same thing: ‘Insatiable shit.’ Get creative and maybe you’d keep your clientele,” she said in a video.

After the OnlyFans community began calling her out (understandably so), she sat down for an interview with Page Six where she discussed the “bullying” she’s copped.

“These girls … have been bullying me nonstop,” she said. “I was not calling any sex worker ‘insatiable s hi t’ or any other type of shit. I was directing my comments back to these girls that call themselves that.”

“I’m saying that since sex is not work to me, I don’t consider it a job to me,” she adds. “I’m not saying it about anyone else. What people do for a living is their choice.”

It comes after her sister Bella was accused of using the the industry without respecting those who paved the way.