Austin Mahone Is The Latest Celeb To Join OnlyFans And It’s A WHOOOOLE Fifty Shades Vibe

Austin Mahone

I dunno if you had ‘Every Former Teen Star Joins OnlyFans’ on your 2020 bingo card, but it’s shaping up to be that way, with singer Austin Mahone as the latest so sign up to the platform.

The 24-year-old, who rose to popularity on YouTube and boasts more than ten million Instagram followers, is charging $US 25 a month for access to his horny content.

We’re not sure what exactly that will involve, but he posted several preview images to entice his fans to sign up, and there’s a bit of a Fifty Shades vibe going on in this one:

In a statement about his pivot into porn, Austin Mahone said:

“I feel like I’ve reached an age and a point in my career where I’m ready to mix it up and be more open with my fans, and OnlyFans gives me a platform to do so without any limitations. I’m excited to show my fans a different side of me than they may be used seeing on my other social media accounts.”

Austin Mahone joined the platform just days after former Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey signed up.

Bella Thorne upset many creators when she made an OnlyFans earlier this year and scammed users  by promising a nude photo that she did not deliver, leading to a flood of refund requests.

Her actions were allegedly the catalyst for OnlyFans tightening restrictions on how much money creators could charge their followers, and changing to a monthly payout cycle from a weekly one.

Real Housewives of New York City star Dorinda Medley also has one, although she apparently only uses hers for wholesome content about cooking, decorating and making it nice, bless her.