Timothée Chalamet, Ever-Expanding His Iconic Digital Footprint, Parodied Troye Sivan On SNL

Agent of chaos Timothee Chalamet is back in a new SNL skit where he plays a sleep-paralysis demon in the form of Troye Sivan.

Agent of chaos Timothée Chalamet is back to online shenanigans in a new SNL skit where he *checks notes* plays a sleep-paralysis demon in the form of Troye Sivan.

In the skit, a woman discloses to her doctor that she keeps seeing a weird figure at night which haunts her dreams.

When her doctor suggests she use a form of therapy to unveil the creature that plagues her psyche, the sleep paralysis demon in question is revealed to be… a skinny white boy (Chalamet) in a tank top. Honestly, relatable. Who *hasn’t* been haunted by a skinny white boy?

The girl proclaims that the person living rent free in her head is “a gay guy?!” to which Chalamet answers: “Not just any gay guy homie… it’s me, Troye Sivan. Let’s go!”

Aaaaand then he breaks out into his own Chalamet-version of Sivan’s dance from the “Got Me Started” music video, fully inclusive of flashing his red undies and giving his bum a little wiggle.

The woman’s doctor explains to her that Sivan is haunting more women “now that this boy is sneaking himself into the mainstream”.

Confused, the woman notes that isn’t he already pretty famous?

“He’s gay famous!” the doctor says. “It’s different!”

With Chalamet-Sivan growing too powerful, the woman’s visions expand until there are three more iterations of Sivan — played by the members of Boy Genius — who also dance and wiggle their bums.

Someone tell the Phoebe Bridgers girlies to prepare themselves. They are not ready.

Troye Sivan himself has since viewed the sketch, which he described as a “weird fucking dream”.

“Like, imagine: Timothée Chalamet was in my dream, but he was me, and he was wearing my clothes…”

Honestly, the whole video has the same chaotic energy as Timothée Chalamet’s iconic Nicki Minaj parody.

I whisper “ruh ruh, like a dungeon dragon” in my head approximately 11 times a day.

Peep Chalamet’s full SNL episode below.