Timothée Chalamet Acted As Harry Styles In An SNL Sketch Bc Perfection Must Play Perfection

Timothée ChalametHarry Styles...Timothée Chalamet,…Harry Styles. No this isn’t some kind of voodoo spell where I summon them to my bedroom (although that’s not a totally terrible idea). NO it’s because Timothée Chalamet played Harry Styles in a Saturday Night Live (SNL) sketch and it’s what we all needed today.

In the sketch Chalamet perfectly emulates Styles in a mock interview with Dionne Warwick played by Ego Nwodim, because only perfection can play perfection.

“Maybe you know my song, ‘Watermelon Sugar’?’” Chalamet says to Warwick in a sexy, yet swarve british accent.

“What is ‘Watermelon Sugar’?” Nwodim replies.

“Well I think it’s just about summer, (he scoffs) but some people think it’s about oral sex,” he says.

“That’s nasty,” Nwodim snaps back.

“No no, but uhh on a woman.” Chalamet inches forward looking smug, and causing everyone’s ovaries to spontaneously combust.

“Well now I like your ass,” Nwodim says.

(Yes, I tried to write that like a fanfic because I know what your horny asses are all about)

This sketch is truly every girls fantasy and as one commenter perfectly articulated that after watching the clip, “WHITE GIRLS GON Crazy”, and she couldn’t be more correct. I’m picturing it now, a bunch of sorority girls watching this video on repeat while drinking white claw and eating cheese.

Other comments were also equally valid, with one writing: “Timothée impersonating Harry Styles is everything the world needs.”

“Yea 2020 was saved,” another wrote.

We love to see it because Chalamet and Styles are the only non-problematic white men of 2020 and that’s on periodt.

In the sketch the fake Dionne Warwick interviewed a bunch of celebs, including Timothée Chalamet (?) who did not play himself (??) but was played by Chloe Fineman (???).

She also interviewed the likes of Billie Eilish (played by Melissa Villasenor) and Machine Gun Kelly (played by Pete Davidson).

This comes after Warwick went viral for discovering Twitter and hilariously tweeting celebs like Chance The Rapper, The Weeknd and Wendy Williams.

Now I don’t know what I love more? Timothée Chalamet playing Harry Styles? Or Dionne Warwick’s tweets.