Peep Timothée Chalamet’s Transformation Into Bob Dylan For His Latest Film


If you were sceptical about Timothée Chalamet playing a convincing imitation of Bob Dylan in the latest highly anticipated musical biopic, A Complete Unknown, then I have some good news for you: pap pics have emerged of the Dune star in costume as the iconic folk singer, and, well, see the magic for yourself.

Filming for the drama was meant to kick off last year but after heaps of delays (partially due to the SAG-AFTRA strike), it’s only now begun this March.

Chalamet was spotted on set of A Complete Unknown in New York earlier this week, and he certainly looks straight out of the 1960s.

Sporting shaggy black curls, Dylan’s signature Ray Bans and a suede brown jacket, Chalamet was seen leaning dramatically on vintage cars, brooding during a rainy night in Downtown Manhattan, and reading letters while perched on a park bench.

Ah yes, because you totally need sunglasses at night. Images: Getty.

Just imagine this man playing the guitar. Yep, I can envision the Timothée Chalamet TikTok fancams already.

A Complete Unknown will follow 19-year-old Bob Dylan’s arrival to New York City in 1961, and the sensation he became there after he was embraced by the local folk scene.

It’ll follow his meteoric rise to stardom and then, ultimately, him leaving folk music and switching to electric guitars before forming a band — leaving fans confused and the folk music scene feeling betrayed.

The film is directed by James Mangold, and also stars Elle Fanning as Dylan’s muse Sylvie RussoEdward Norton as Peter SeegerNick Offerman as Alan LomaxBoyd Holbrook as Johnny Cash and Monica Barbaro as Joan Baez, according to the Rolling Stone.  

It’s a busy time for Chalamet, who we’ve just seen star in Dune, Wonka and Bones and All. The prolific star has appeared in at least one movie a year since 2021, and it looks like it’s only up from here.