Snow Fox Wins The Masked Singer 2023 & It Was Dami Im All Along

Tuesday night was a ‘yuge deal for fans of The Masked Singer Australia because the 2023 finale had finally rolled around. Who won? It was down to Snow Fox, Bouncer, and Grim Reaper — and only one secret celebrity can take home the prize.

If you haven’t guessed, there will be spoilers below, so please proceed with caution if you haven’t watched the final ep.

ICYMI, The Masked Singer is basically a broadcast-sanctioned acid trip. Celebrities, both major and minor, don absurd costumes and sing their heart out to a panel of judges (who in Australia include Mel BAbbie ChatfieldChrissie Swan and Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes). Each episode, a masked singer is voted the worst of the night and forced to reveal themselves.

It’s noice. It’s different. It’s unusual. And after tonight, it’s all over for another year.

And if you were itching to find out who won the hearts of Aussies through song and mystery, it was the one and only Snow Fox!!!! Snaps for Snow Fox, everyone!

Coming in hot in second place was Grim Reaper, followed by Bouncer.

So, who do we think is hiding behind the masks of Snow Fox, Bouncer and Grim Reaper? Read on, friends — and hold on to your sanity

Snow Fox

Snow Fox was undoubtedly one of the strongest singers to have appeared on the show this season. Her range, her tone, and her voice control all scream pro singer.

And, of course, that’s why she won this year’s The Masked Singer.

Prior to the grand finale, the judges threw out a plethora of guesses, which included Jessica Mauboy, Lorde, Idina Menzel, Jessie J and Sia. The list went on and on.

However, fans on Instagram reckon this foxy lady is the one and only 2013 X Factor Australia winner Dami Im. Some people also believe dthat this mask could also be Australia’s unofficial Princess, Delta Goodrem.

In the grand finale, Hughesy claimed that Snow Fox was Kelly Rowland. Our fave Spice Gal believed that this foxy queen was Samantha Jade. Abbie locked in Jessie J as her celeb, and Chrissie guessed Dami Im.

After being crowned the winner of this year’s season, Snow Fox was revealed to be Dami Im!!! My Queen.

FORGIVE ME FOR THE SCREENSHOT MY LOVE (Image source: Channel Ten / Masked Singer Australia)

It was a full circle win for Dami as she revealed that the stage she snagged The Masked Singer trophy was the stage she won X Factor on. 

Ugh, would do anything to hear her sing “Purple Rain” and “Super Love” again.

Grim Reaper

He’s got style. He’s got sass. He is the Grim Reaper.

This buddy right here seems to be a fan favourite, as folks spammed The Masked Singer’s IG with comments calling for a Grim Reaper victory ahead of Tuesday night’s reveal bonanza.

So far, the judges believe this spooky creature to be either Adam Lambert, Darren Hayes, Nick Carter or Terrence Trent D’Arby.

Taking a peep at the comments section, Hayes seems to be the favourite guess so far!

(Image source: Instagram / The Masked Singer AU)

In Tuesday’s episode, Abbie put down Darren Hayes for this spooky boy, Mel B believed that Grim Reaper could be Guy Sebastian, Hughesy locked in Dean Lewis and Chrissie doubled down on her D’Arby guess!

After placing second — and a lot of pulling and tugging — Grim Reaper was revealed to be DARREN HAYES! Shout out to Abbie for scoring with this guess.

(Image source: Channel Ten / The Masked Singer)

After the big reveal, Abbie and Darren exchanged their experiences of being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. It was an extremely touching moment, and I’m not going to lie, I was crying in the office listening to both of them.

Big ups to Darren and Abbie!


Honestly, this mask reminds me of every single juiced-up guy who has appeared on Aussie reality TV, making it extremely hard to pay attention to his vocal skills.

But yes, Bouncer is basically a yassified kangaroo that sports a toupee, big muscles and a gold chain. Also, did I forget to mention that Bouncer is literally a Bouncer? Check out that staunch stare and earpiece.

During Bouncer’s time on the show, The Masked Singer judging panel reckoned he could be James Arthur, Nick Lachey or Luke Hemmings of Five Seconds of Summer or a member of New Kids On The Block.

However, a shit ton of punters believe that this juiced-up skippy is Conrad Sewell.

On Tuesday’s grand finale, the judges locked in their guesses. Swan locked in Peter Andre, Abbie guessed Jay Sean, and Hughesy picked the crowd’s fave, Conrad Sewell.

After placing third place, Bouncer was revealed to be — drum roll ploise — CONRAD SEWELL!!!! HUGHESY, RIGHT A SECOND TIME???? Mind-fucking-blown.

(Image source: Channel Ten / The Masked Singer Australia)

In his post-reveal interview, Conrad shared that he really enjoyed his time on the show. He also dropped two big bombs. The singer announced that he was expecting a little bébé girl and a new album.

Glorious day to be a Conrad Sewell fan!

There you have it, folks, your golden three unmasked. CYA next year!

If you’ve missed out on some reveals, don’t worry. We have a giant list of all the celebs in this year’s season.

The Masked Australia 2023 can be streamed on 10Play.

Image source: Instagram / The Masked Singer AU