Gnome On The Masked Singer Had Their Identity Unveiled And It Was… Disgustingly Good

Gnome Masked Singer Australia

Another night, another Australian celebrity hidden behind a terrifying albeit impressive mask. Well, in this case a ginormous gnome costume that wouldn’t look amiss in my Mum and Dad’s backyard. And who was sheltering under that giant gnome face on The Masked Singer Australia? Why, food critic and cravat-wearer extraordinaire Matt Preston of course!

Now, Gnome was a wildcard contestant meaning he only performed once before being booted home.

But let it be said, Matt Preston both entered and left the competition on a high. He performed ‘I’m A Believer’ by The Monkees AKA the song Smash Mouth covered on the Shrek soundtrack. I’m just disappointed he didn’t perform Hot & Cold by Katy Perry given his Masterchef legacy.

Also performing were Rooster, Snapdragon and Popcorn, the latter of which Preston faced off against in the bottom two. Alas, Popcorn lived to sway and slay another day.

The guesses for this one were pretty rogue though once again Chrissie Swan was right on the money. She correctly guessed Gnome was Matt Preston, explaining she’d dreamed about him the night before. Who knew Chrissie Swan was a modern day Oracle of Delphi for gameshows?

Mel B guessed AFL legend Buddy FranklinAbbie Chatfield guessed OG Bachelor and ex-Neighbours star Tim Robards, and Hughesy guessed Croatian tennis player Goran Ivanišević. Quite the combination there. 

And no, it turns out Scott Morrison didn’t secretly appoint himself as a contestant on The Masked Singer Australia.

If you missed Gnome’s clues during the episode, here’s a handy refresher:

Clue One: Hi, I’m Gnome and I’m bringing the magic to this competition. 

Clue Two: I do love a green and pleasant land, but I’m more of a city Gnome, it is my garden of earthly delights. This is where you will find my desires. 

Clue Three: Not every Gnome gets involved in politics, but I do know a lot about presidential voting! 

Clue Four: Don’t confuse me with a goblin, we only have the name in common and it makes me double boiling mad! 

Clue Five: Tonight the Gnome is coming on hot!

If you want to catch up with The Masked Singer, you can check it out on 10Play.