There’s Something Suss Going On In This Pic That The Kardashians Don’t Want Us To Know About

The Kardashians Khloe Kardashian

Khloé Kardashian has posted a super suss photo of her with her sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, and there’s just something that feels really fishy about it, especially its suspicious caption.

Most of the time, whenever the royal family of reality TV — The Kardashians — do anything, I always take it with a grain of salt. Who knows if it’s real or it’s planned?

From PR relationships to shady IG captions, it always seems like the family are doing something that’ll benefit their personal careers and/or reality TV show. And with Season Three of The Kardashians dropping soon, it’s without a doubt that some of those moves are for exposure.

Last week, Khloé posted a photo on IG alongside sisters Kim and Kylie chilling on what looks to be the world’s most comfortable bed.

Source: Instagram / @KhloéKardashian

Although the photo seems super normal and cute, it’s the caption that’s got my nosy brain itchin’.

Khloé captioned the IG post: “If only you knew what we were doing when we took this LOL I miss my babies.”

To make things even more LOL, Kim commented: “Wait, what were we doing? Text me.” It’s giving major Boomer energy.

Besides Kimmy’s comment, I was curious about what they were doing in that room — especially with a cheeky IG caption like that.

So without further ado, here are some ideas my brain conjured up when seeing this silly pic:

*ALLEGEDLY* smoking that [REDACTED]

Of course, with Khloé’s caption being super suss and silly, a lot of people thought the sisters were hanging out with Mary Jane. Mostly because of their glassy eyes.

One person wrote: “Y’all were high as hell, we can tell.”

“Smoking that good good ok,” another person added. 

Someone also commented that they might’ve taken one of Kris Jenner‘s gummies, which made me cackle.

I think this could definitely be a possibility, especially with Kim not remembering what had happened between the trio that night. It’s also worth mentioning that recreational cannabis use is legal in California, USA.

*ALLEGEDLY* talking shit about Kourtney

It’s no secret that sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Baker have a fractured relationship.

Rumours of a “sister standoff” surfaced at the end of 2022, when a cheeky submission was sent to gossip sleuth Deuxmoi. The anonymous source claimed two sisters from an “iknoik” family are “not in contact with each other anymore”.

It was also made apparent in The Kardashians Season Three trailer that there would be a riff between the sisters, with Kourtney accusing Kim of using her wedding to Travis Barker as a branding opportunity.

With Kourtney’s absence in the family pic, it wouldn’t surprise me if Kim, Khloé and Kylie were having a bitch sesh about their older sister.

*ALLEGEDLY* witchcraft

Hollywood is a bonkers world, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the sisters were doing some sort of witchy activity.

We’ve recently entered Mercury retrograde and there was an intense full moon eclipse last week, so maybe the KarJenners were charging their crystals or hexing Kourtney their enemies.

And if they were in a coven, Kris would definitely be the supreme.

*ALLEGEDLY* watching parkour Minecraft videos with Reddit readings on TikTok

IDK about you guys, but I am obsessed with Reddit readings from subreddits like r/AmITheAsshole and r/Relationships.

Although I usually listen to them in a podcast, they also have them on TikTok with someone playing parkour Minecraft in the background. It’s honestly super addictive if you love juicy stories.

Maybe the KarJenners were listening to a Reddit tale that was so funny they cried, hence the glassy eyes.

In all honestly, I only think one of these theories is legit, which is that the sisters were having a little shit talk session about Kourtney but I guess we will never truly know.

Not until The Kardashians Season Three drops at least, which may or may not feature the pic.

The Kardashians returns to streaming on Disney+ on May 25 with new episodes weekly.