Kylie Jenner & Chalalalamet Were Spotted On A Taco Date, So Guess Their Relo Just Guac Serious

Kylie Jenner Timothée Chalamet

In more Chala-Jenner news, Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet have been spotted grabbing a cheeky taco in LA — and I now have a deep-seated urge to turn this romance into a Wattpad story.

Pics of Chalamet outside of popular LA taco joint — Tito’s Tacos — surfaced on Friday night via Page Six, after he attended an art show. While actual pictures of Kylie Jenner in the flesh were not taken, paparazzi did manage to capture the moment her Lincoln Navigator picked up Chalamet, so the rumoured couple could chow down on tacos in the back seat.

According to Page Six, at one point Jenner’s security stepped out out of the car for 30 minutes to give the pair enough time to get their smooch on (well that part can’t be confirmed, but you’d hope they played a bit of tonsil hockey in those 30 minutes alone).

ICYMI, last week, rumours began to circulate that the male gaze personified, Kylie Jenner, was dating the female gaze personified, Timothée Chalamet.

Many fans were perplexed by this pairing because it’s hard to imagine Kylie and Timothée in the same room, let alone as ~lovers~.

This is, until actual footage of them interacting at Paris Fashion Week emerged.

According to reports by the gossip hounds at TMZ and DeuxMoi, we have more fuel to add to this sexy little fire.

Apparently, Kylie’s big ole’ Range Rover was spotted in the driveway at Timothée’s Los Angeles pad on Thursday afternoon.

And while I’m sure Kylie and the Jenner clan are not the only people in LA that own huge black Range Rovers, we’re going to have to trust that TMZ did a little research connecting the car to King Kylie before blurring out the number plates in the pics.

DeuxMoi has also been copping multiple reports confirming that these two A-listers are hooking up.

The latest was posted to her stories on Thursday, confirming TMZ’s report.

She also explored the rumours on her podcast Deux U.

“Ugh, I do have a lot of information on them that I can’t share,” she said on the pod.

But thankfully, she gave us just a little taste.

Somebody wrote in today who said ‘I know someone who worked at a private dinner last week in Los Angeles. Guests included Kris Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Bad Bunny, Kylie Jenner, Timothée Chalamet and Jeff Bezos‘.

“There’s definitely something going on, I wish I could reveal more,” she revealed.

Wowza. It feels like we get a two for the price of one. Tea on Kylie and Timothée AND Kendall and Bad Bunny.

Also, Bezos? It’s like our lord and saviour, Kris Jenner, let her kids bring a date and then chose a random contact in her phone to liven up the dinner table discussion. I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that dinner party, that’s for sure.

But now that these rumours are slowing starting to become more and more viable, let’s all take a deep breath and pencil in some time out to process the news.

In the meantime, please enjoy these tweets from people who feel just as perplexed about this pairing as I do.